5 Perfect Tips For Cleaning LED TV Screen


LED TV screens are supposed to be clean and free of dirt as this allows you to view the content on the screen in a lot better way. The dust, or any debris on your LED TV screen can blur vision and this is why it is best to clean it properly. Cleaning LED TV screen will allow you to enhance the performance of the TV. You will not strain your eyes and protect your TV screen as well. It is important to clean your LED TV screen regularly as fingerprint smudges and dirt can make your screen dirty. Read the guide below to clean your LED TV screen.

What Is the Time Interval of Cleaning LED TV Screen? 

Cleaning your LED TV is important as this will help you to use your screen for a long time to come. It is best to at least clean your screen once every 2 or 3 weeks. We suggest you pay more attention to the screen as this will allow you to enjoy watching TV more.

If you clean your TV set regularly, then it will keep looking like a brand new one. You are also able to enjoy bright and colorful pictures. Not everyone knows how to clean their TV set effectively.

You might think a towel soaked in water will allow you to clean your LED Screen properly. However, it might not be easy for your screen as LED TV screens are highly sensitive. Cleaning your screen with extra care will protect the screen from damage. Your screen will also project the sounds and images more efficiently.

LED Screen

Tips for Cleaning LED TV Screen 

If you want to clean your LED TV screen properly then it is best to do it with extra care. Here are some easy tips that will allow you to clean your LED TV screen with perfection.

1. Use a vacuum

To draw out dust and debris hidden inside your TV set, it is best to use a low-suction vacuum. You may also use the vacuum cleaner’s soft brush to clean all kinds of dust from the cable, vents, and other areas of your TV Screen. It is best to avoid using any kind of strong cleaning agents. These cleanings are not good for your television screen. It is best to avoid cleaning agents that include: unmixed alcohol, ammonia, acetone, and Wax.

2. Turn off your TV before cleaning LED TV screen 

Before you start cleaning properly, it is important to turn off your television set. It is also important to unplug it from the power source. Once you are done doing that you can start to clean your device immediately. Give it some time to cool down. The cleaning process can take around 2-5 minutes or even more. Turning the TV off will cut off power and can lead to the cooling down of the screen. Cleaning a hot screen is not recommended and this is why it is best to turn off the TV before cleaning it.

3. Use a microfiber cleaning cloth

Another piece of advice to keep your TV screen clean is to avoid using paper towels. There are many reasons to avoid paper towels as they are soaked in water and can leave smudges and stains on the screen. If you want to clean your device efficiently than using a microfiber cleaning cloth is the best choice. The microfiber cleaning pieces are more breathable and also more durable.

4. Avoid using harmful chemicals

The use of chemicals must be avoided at all costs when cleaning LED TV screen. Chemicals damage screens and can make it hard for you to clean your TV screen properly. If you don’t use any harmful chemicals, then it would work well for your TV screen. LED screens are sensitive and fragile, so it is best to keep chemicals far from your TV screen.

It is also important to avoid using any type of detergent solution as this can damage your screen as well. Soap, and scouring powder, are considered to be general industrial cleaners and should be avoided.

Abrasive pads and towels made should also not be used either. Using any of these materials can lead to screen scratches and can cause your screen all the damage. It is best to wet your cleaning material with water, leaving a few little splashes.  

LED Screen

5. Use cotton swabs to clean the corners

The microfiber cloth doesn’t reach the edges of the screen and this is why it is best to avoid using these materials. If you don’t clean the edges well then it can make your screen look dirty. The dust can accumulate in those parts, and this is why it is best cleaning LED TV screen properly. It can take a lot of time to remove the stains properly.

If you want to clean the screen edges, then it can lead to an uneven appearance. The poor picture quality can make it impossible to enjoy watching TV. It is important to clean edges and corners effectively. You can clean the edges properly with the help of cotton swabs. If you are looking for better results, then it is best to dab the cotton swabs in water. Pick off the dirt carefully by using the swabs.

As for the edges, it is best to run the swabs up and down systematically. You should avoid going way down to the edges as this can drive dirt further which can make it difficult to remove. If you want to get better results, then it is best to use as many cotton swabs as you can.


It is important to maintain your LED TV set well and you can do it effectively by cleaning LED TV screen regularly. It requires a lot of patience and attention to clean your device efficiently. If you want your screen to remain in good shape, then it is best to clean it regularly. It is also important to buy the highest quality screens to maintain it as well. Enbon is the best place to buy durable LED TV screens.

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