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Advantages and features of spherical LED screen


    In recent years, the market demand for LED displays has gradually increased, and the technical application has also been relatively upgraded. As a result, the requirements of market users have also been improved. In addition to some conventional LED displays, innovative and special-shaped LED displays have also been sought after by users, of which led spherical screens have become brilliant.

    The spherical LED display has a stronger visual shock effect, which is more attractive for publicity and more unique for decoration. The spherical LED display breaks the restriction of the regular shape of the traditional LED display and appears in a different shape, bringing another development mode of the LED display industry.

    The LED spherical screen displays bright colors, strong three-dimensional sense, static as oil painting, and dynamic as film. It is widely used in museums, planetariums, science and technology museums, children's palaces, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, waiting halls, star rated hotels, large open-air places, railway stations, ports, shopping malls, bars and other places. Programs with video, graphics and images can be played at will, and various information can be played in a real-time, synchronous and clear way of information transmission. The following functions can be realized:

1) High resolution and high pixel density, real reproduction of high-definition images, uniform color, high contrast, clear and sharp images;

(2) The use of SMD three in one LED makes the display screen have ultra wide viewing angle and better surface flatness in the use of indoor and outdoor venues;

(3) Meet the needs of different point distances, accurate CNC dimensions, and high spherical consistency;

(4) Trapezoidal track design can realize seamless splicing;

(5) Support uniform spot drawing technology, and the display image is not distorted;

(6) Synchronous and asynchronous compatibility, supporting offline and online modes;

(7) Adopt aluminum structural heat dissipation solution;

(8) Support floor type installation, hoisting and other installation methods;

(9) Using various scanning technologies, the picture is stable, free of impurities, the image effect is exquisite, the definition is high, the refresh rate is high, and the power consumption is low.

    As a novel display screen, led spherical screen can play the role of modern decoration and setting off the atmosphere, and has already walked in the forefront of advertising sharp tools that attract thousands of eyes.

    With the gradual spread of the LED spherical screen market, in the near future, both individual businesses and manufacturers of large brands can make good use of this advantage of LED spherical screen to attract more customers, introduce products and decoration environment through LED spherical screen, and bring more economic benefits.

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