Application place of lightweight LED


  Light and thin LED display screen is a planar display screen composed of LED dot matrix module or pixel unit. Ultra high brightness LED can be used in large screen display. Because of its advantages such as easy control, low-voltage DC drive, rich color performance after combination and long service life, it is mainly used in urban lighting projects and large screen display systems. What are the applications of thin and light LED display? Next, the Weishi technology editor will give you a detailed introduction.

Application places of light and thin LED display:

1. Display of passenger guidance information at port and station

The information system with the light and thin LED display screen as the main body, the broadcasting system, the train and ship arrival and departure disclosure system, and the ticketing information system together constitute the passenger transport hub automation system.

2. Road traffic information guidance

The intelligent traffic information guidance screen is now rising rapidly. In many fields such as urban communication and expressway, LED traffic information guidance screen display products, as variable information boards and speed limit signs in daily life, have been widely used in this period of time.

3. Display of securities trading and financial information

In the past few years, the light and thin LED display screens used for securities trading and financial information display accounted for more than 50% of the demand for light and thin LED display screens in China. At present, it is still the main demand industry for light and thin LED display screens.

4. Stadium

Nowadays, as the main means of game information display and game live broadcast, light and thin LED display has gradually replaced the traditional lighting and CRT backward display. In modern stadiums, light and thin LED display has become a necessary competition facility.

5. Outdoor advertising

In addition to the previous single large indoor and outdoor light and thin LED display as advertising media, the cluster light and thin LED display advertising system and the train LED advertising display publishing system have also been adopted and are being widely promoted.

6. Stage rental

Indoor and outdoor stage background, concerts, large-scale activities, large-scale opera houses, theatres, hotels, auditoriums, multi-function halls, lecture halls, conference rooms, high-end entertainment venues, discos, nightclubs, karaoke rooms, etc. These are closely related to the light and thin LED display screen on the stage.

7. Exhibition

As one of the important services provided by the exhibition organizers of the company, LED display large screen provides users with their own brand culture and product use. In addition, there are studios and monitoring rooms. Today, in radio and television studios and security monitoring rooms, light and thin LED displays also play a very important role.

The above application places of the light and thin LED display screen are shared here. The light and thin LED display screen adopts low-voltage scanning drive, which has the advantages of low power consumption, long service life, low cost, high brightness, large viewing angle, long viewing distance, waterproof, and many specifications, and can meet the needs of various application scenarios.

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