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Transparent LED screen through continuous technological innovation and breakthrough, not only to ensure the use of the product environment floor, glass facade, Windows and other lighting structure lighting requirements and perspective range. Led transparent screen is not limited by the installation conditions of the building itself, and can be perfectly combined with the building, as far as possible not to destroy the original appearance of the building form and color. Despite its size, it doesn't feel as stiff as a regular display. As such, it acts as a "smart skin" for buildings, not only to make them stand out, but also to highlight their ability to communicate with the urban environment and open up unprecedented opportunities for commercial advertising.

Some clients will think can a transparent LED screen be fully transparent? but the answer is it can't be like that, at least not yet. Led transparent screen is not fully transparent, is "transparent" for the Z major characteristics. LED transparent screen is essentially a kind of LED display, it does not break away from LED lamp beads, power supply, wire, box and other combined elements. Mainly through some technology improve the permeability of LED display, make more close to the transparent display, such as Z now common glass curtain wall of transparent LED screen, it is in the inside of the glass curtain wall, in some tall buildings, shopping malls and other LED transparent screen cannot be seen outside of the glass curtain wall, and is not installed, but when the screen light up, You can see a very clear, beautiful picture. And it will not affect the lighting and ventilation inside the high-rise buildings and shopping malls, greatly reduce the blocking of the structural components to the line of sight in the design, the permeability rate can reach 85%, Z greatly improved the perspective effect, is the current high-definition Z high, Z good perspective effect display equipment.

 LED transparent screen is named to distinguish the traditional LED display, light bar screen and glass screen. Compared with the traditional LED display, the screen has high permeability, good expansibility, light weight, convenient maintenance, cool display effect and light weight, and a stronger sense of technology and fashion.

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