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Rental LED Display is light, thin, not easy to deformation, fast installation and other characteristics, it can be used in the stage, wedding, large-scale activities and other places have been widely used. So what are  the differences compared with the conventional fixed installation LED display? Today, we're going to discuss about this question on this article, as following:

1. Different product models

Due to the stage rental LED screen, the screen effect is required to be clearer. Therefore, the general indoor environment uses p2.9, P3, p3.91, etc. Even more stringent will use small pixel pitch p2.5 P2, etc. Outdoor usually use p3.91, p4.81, p5.95, etc. As for the fixed installation, due to the long viewing distance or low display requirements, P3 and P4 are generally used indoors, while P4, P5, P6, P8, and P10 are commonly used outdoors.

2. Different cabinet

Generally, fixed installation of LED screen, are waterproof iron cabinet, very heavy. The indoor iron cabinet is also used; For rental led display, the die-casting aluminum cabinet is usually used at present, with light and thin structure, high stability, and convenient installation and disassembly at any time. It is suitable for holding concerts, stage performances, or other performances.

3. Different installation methods

The rental LED display needs to be moved, disassembled and installed frequently, so the requirements for the product are higher. The product shape design, structural design and material selection will be more stringent. For example, when a concert is over, it can be disassembled and transported to another stage for re installation. The traditional fixed installation of LED screen is very limited, the location is fixed, and the box is heavier, which can not meet the diversified needs of customers. Generally, after the installation location is fixed, it will not move.

The above is the difference between the rental LED display and the fixed installation led display developed by Enbon. 

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