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LED screens have become a must-have feature in large stadiums and gymnasiums such as the Beijing Olympics, the European Championship and the NBA. So what are the main uses of LED court screen? There are several types of LED display screen on the court? Today, Enbon will make a full introduction to you.

The use of LED display screen

1. Introduce the information of the players and the actual situation of the competition. The large, clear live game picture breaks the seat limit and makes it easier to watch the game from a distance.
2. Connect the referee system and the timing and scoring system, and the LED screen can show the game time and score in real time.
3. Slow motion replay becomes the basis for the referee to make the correct decision, which maintains the fairness and justice of the game and reduces unnecessary conflicts.
4. The highlights, slow motion playback and close-ups provide the audience with a perfect visual feast.
5. The broadcast of commercial advertisements added icing on the cake to the competition scene. The perfect picture quality and sound effect made the scene more exciting and exciting.

    The classification of LED display screen

1. Large full-color LED screen
It is used to broadcast the highlights of the competition (including other competitions), or replay the highlights of the live close-ups in slow motion.
2. LED fence screen on the court
LED fence screen is mainly used for commercial advertisements. It is connected by many single LED boxes. The boxes are connected by buckle-type connectors, which can be quickly and simply disassembled and maintained. There is a separate supporting foot behind each box, through which the Angle between the screen body and the ground can be adjusted to ensure the viewing Angle.
3. Timing and scoring LED display
It is connected with the timing and scoring system of the competition, showing the results of the competitors and related information. From the sense of competition, the timing and scoring screen is more important. Some venues can not have a large video screen, but also can not have a screen for timing and scoring. Timing the score screen, the key is instant, accurate and clear here

4. Football field LED display: mainly installed around the football field. Used for advertising around the football stadium, through the control of the system software, can realize the circulation of advertising broadcast, rich content, good performance.

5. Funnel shaped LED display: it is mainly used in the sky of indoor stadiums and stadiums. It is installed by suspension to introduce athletes, scores, match progress and other live events. It is commonly seen in basketball venues and multipurpose gymnasiums.

6. LED display on the wall of the court: it is mainly installed on the wall of one end of the stadium, which is used to synchronously broadcast the event and display the real-time information of the event. Generally large display screen.

7. Open column LED display: This type of display has high quality requirements, which requires wind and dust prevention, good temperature adaptability, and adaptability to various types of weather. Generally installed in the outdoor stadium on the large column.

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