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It's easy for us to choose a high quality of some daily necessities because we use them frequently or are familiar with them. But what if you have to purchase an LED display screen? It's certain that you will make a lot of mistakes in the process as you are not familiar with it. On this industry news, we're going to introduce some ways to help clients choose a high quality LED display screen.

1.The surface flatness of the display screens should be within ±1mm to ensure that the display images will not be distorted. A convex or concave display screen will cause blind spots from viewing angles. The flatness is mainly determined by manufacturing technique.

2. Color blocks refer to the obvious color difference between adjacent modules. The color transition is based on modules. Color blocks are caused mainly by poor control system, low gray level and low scanning frequency.

3. Refresh rate refers to the number of full displays of the display information of the LED display screen per second. Low refresh rate will make the images dithering from people's eyes and make scanning lines appear in cameras when people shoot on the screen. Generally speaking, human eyes require the refresh rate to be above 300Hz, which is to say as long as the refresh rate is above 300Hz, people will not see the images dithering on the screen with naked eyes. While as for shooting, the refresh rate has to be at least above 600HZ to keep the scanning lines out of the cameras according to different settings for different cameras. High refresh rate can improve the brightness and color fidelity of the display screen, which can be detected with a digital camera. If the screen has a high refresh rate, the camera will take very sharp pictures without snow spots or scanning lines. This indicator is especially important when it comes to leased screens and the ones for television relay.

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