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At present, there are many kinds of LED display screens in the market, and the prices are various, consumers are very confused, the key is that they don't know how to buy a good quality display screen. Because each manufacturer in the production of LED display price positioning is different, quality requirements are different, so for different prices of LED display,  what are the differences between them? On this article, we're going to discuss what are these differences.

1, antistatic

Leds are low voltage driven, so they are sensitive to high voltage, antistatic ability. Antistatic large LED natural price is higher.
2, brightness
Leds are materials that convert electrical energy directly into light energy. The luminous efficiency determines the value of the LED itself. In addition, the larger the size of the LED chip, the brighter the light, and the more expensive the price.
3, wavelength
After emitting light, the LED will produce a band, and the band will be divided into different wavelengths from the closest distance to the farthest distance. The display screen has strict requirements on the wavelength of the LED lamp. The better the effect of the display screen with the same wavelength. If the wavelength is inconsistent or the deviation is too large, the LED display screen will have different color difference feeling when viewed from the side.

4, leakage current
LED is a one-way conductive light conductor, when the circuit board is redesigned, the reverse current of the circuit board is very strict, if there is a reverse current, the life of LED will be shortened.
5, LED light Angle
The LED luminous Angle will directly affect the brightness and consistency of the display screen. The concept of consistency is that when viewing the display screen from any Angle, the color displayed will be the same. If the Angle is not consistent, there will be color difference.

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