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Can Led Screens Be Repaired?


There is no doubt that every single day, our lives are impacted in different ways. Various factors are responsible for this; in this case, we focus on technological advancements. Fifty years ago, screens would only display black and white images. However, rapid advancements have revolutionized the watching experience, making it as user-friendly and entertaining as possible.

LED screens are a prime example of a revolutionary advancement in the technology industry. These screens have brighter and more concise images, making watching anything on the screen even more enthralling. They can also be used in weddings, concerts, and exhibitions for display

However, what happens when an LED screen breaks? Can it be repaired? In this article, we shall take a quick look at LED screens, whether they can be repaired, and the necessary precautions.

What is an LED screen?

The term "LED" stands for a light emitting diode. Therefore, an LED is comprised of various light-emitting diodes that are packed closely together. The diodes are normally small in size but are bright enough. Therefore, the screens can be used for indoor and outdoor events.

Why are LED screens more popular?

LED screens are energy efficient because they emit very little amounts of heat. They are more advantageous than incandescent lighting, which converts heat energy to light, leading to lots of heat loss. LED screen materials are solid, and the screen parts are immobile. LED screens function by converting electricity to light.


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Damages that can occur to an LED screen

LED screens are large and delicate. The screens can be repaired, depending on the impact of the damage. Several LED screen companies have warranties for their products depending on the damage caused. Therefore, you will not need to cover damage costs

However, these warranties are not absolute; therefore, careless mistakes may force you to pay for the damage to be fixed. Furthermore, purchasing screens from unlicensed vendors are discouraged by LED screen brands, as their screens can easily be counterfeit. This would make you lose a sum of money

An LED screen's damage can include spots or patches, vertical lines, cracks, or breaks. If a large LED screen is not attached to a wall, it is more likely to fall over. Once it does, the screen will be affected. The magnitude depends on the impact of the fall

Other damages can occur to your screen, for example, short-circuiting, failure of the LED display module, and troubleshooting steps of the LED control system

Can LED screens be repaired?

LED screens can be repaired. However, the impact of the damage would determine the cost of repair. For example, if your screen is severely cracked and the damage has penetrated the LEDs, it may be costly to fix your screen instead of buying a new one. Some LED screens are completely damaged, and therefore the only solution would be to purchase a new screen

How to repair an LED screen

Remember, if you are completely unfamiliar with electronics, it is more advisable to seek professional help to minimize further damage to your screen

Failure of the LED display module

No display on a singly LED module

Confirm that the power supply is normal by checking whether the power plug is correctly connected

If the pictures are correct, but the colors are inconsistent, replace the flat cable. You can also plug out the cable and plug it in again

If the problem persists, check if the interface of the PCB board works properly

Dead pixel maintenance

For dead pixel maintenance, it is important to choose the right maintenance method

Back Maintenance

· Plug out the signal cable

· Remove the screws on the backside of the screen. Do this using a screwdriver

· Carefully remove the LED screen module. Once done, move the module to the back side of the LED cabinet.

· Replace the LED lamp light

Front maintenance

· Remove the screws for fixing the mask. Do this using a screwdriver

· Remove the mask to replace the LED lamp light

· Install the mask again, and tighten the screw. This should be done once the replacement and sealing have been completed

· Tighten the screw slowly and carefully to avoid putting excess pressure on the LEDs

· Clean the residual glue on the surface



Detecting the resistance: While detecting the resistance, a multimeter is used to examine its range.

Detect the resistance value of a certain point on a normal circuit board

Detect the value of the other circuit board. This is done to determine whether the resistance value differs from the normal value

Check whether the value lies within a reasonable range. If not, this is where the problem stems from

Detecting the voltage: a multimeter is used to detect the ground voltage of a certain point of the circuit suspected to be causing the problem. The detected value is compared to the normal one. If the detected value does not lie within a reasonable range of the normal value, then this is where the problem stems from

Detecting the short circuit: here, the functions of the multimeter are turned on to determine where the short circuit has occurred. First, power off the screen to avoid damaging the ammeter. Problems concerning short-circuiting must be dealt with first before other components are fixed

Failure of the LED display screen

Zero display on the entire screen

If the screen is all black, then this is one of the methods that can be used to fix the screen

Confirm whether the LED display screen has been powered on. Ensure that the swift of the power distributor is switched on

Check the signal cable and reconnect it until the green indicator twinkles as normal

Study whether the connection between the LED sending card and LED receiving card is normal

There is no signal if the green indicator keeps lighting or is consistently off. Check the signal to find out the problems. You can also replace the signals

Turn on the PC, and open the LED studio software

Power off the computer and reconnect the DVI cable

Determine whether the problem is in the DVI card



LED screens have improved our viewing experience. They are lighter and easier to transport. Moreover, they are energy efficient because they convert electricity to light, minimizing heat loss. LED screens also produce brighter and more concise images and can be used for indoor events and outdoor events such as weddings, concerts, and exhibitions

LED screens are normally large and delicate. Therefore, proper maintenance is important, especially when transporting the LED screens. The impact of damage would determine the fixing costs

Damages that can occur to your screen include short-circuiting, failure to display the entire LED, missing colors on the LED module, and dead pixel maintenance. Ensure that you purchase screens from licensed vendors, and ensure that your product has a warranty from a renowned brand

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