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Grid curtain wall LED display LED curtain wall is a kind of, specifically for grid curtain wall of the building lighting and creative development, its function more contagious than traditional building lighting lighting, combined with the building during the day, night when the grid curtain wall LED display is the same as the traditional LED to be able to play the video, pictures, text and other content, large screen display, The effect is even more striking.

(1) Ultra-high light transmittance: light transmittance of more than 80%, in order to reduce the influence of grid curtain wall on light transmittance demand;

(2) Metal structure: aluminum alloy strong structure, light weight, good weather resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture-proof, waterproof;

(3) Multi-color transformation: the display unit itself can be customized according to the environment's color requirements. The building does not change the original architectural style due to the day and night display of video images.

(4) Resolution point distance: for the arc surface structure of most curtain walls, the grid light bars use vertical cascade, and the horizontal point distance can be adjusted arbitrarily to ensure perfect image transition;

(5) Easy maintenance: before and after maintenance and repair, easy to disassemble;

(6) Easy installation: the grid light strip will be directly inserted into the preset horizontal structure, the docking data line, power line can be;

(7) No system power design: switching power supply and control system is more prone to failure display equipment, and is not convenient to install and place, also affect the overall appearance, so hidden in the convenient maintenance floor, power supply and signal transmission more than 50 meters away;

The installation area of the grid curtain wall LED display is different, which also determines the customer's requirements for the weight of the product. In order not to add extra weight to the building, the curtain wall LED screen itself and the bracket need to be lightweight. In order not to affect the aesthetic feeling of the building and the integrated effect of lighting and curtain wall LED screen, the grid curtain wall LED screen should not only achieve high light transmittance. In addition, in order to prevent wind, rain, lightning and other factors, leading to the damage of the building and LED screen, curtain wall LED screen not only needs a strong structure, but also moisture, corrosion and deformation.

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