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LED display screen in large exhibition, stage effect, and high-end display and other fields, has shown up, and has a more and more wide range of practical performance. In the future, in the field of outdoor advertising, LED display screen will continue to play the characteristics and advantages of performance, in traffic intersections, busy commercial streets, LED display screen can play commercial advertisements and part of the public service advertising, advertising forms are very diverse, which is the development trend of the 21st century advertising industry. LED display screen has become a hot outdoor media products, mainly has four advantages.

1. The release of information is simple and convenient

The big screen of LED display is a computer monitor, which is connected to the computer through data line or wireless communication. As long as simple Settings are made in the computer, it can be used to publish advertising content, which is convenient and fast.
2. Fast updating of advertising content
Advertisers and publishers can update the LED display large screen advertising content at any time, just need to operate the control computer, the update process is not subject to other external conditions. According to statistics, the large led screen large screen on average once a month to update the advertising content, and the small led screen is less than three to five days more than a week will change the advertising content.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection
LED screen big screen energy saving and environmental protection, all-weather work, fully adapt to outdoor all kinds of bad environment, with anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning protection, seismic overall strong performance, high cost performance, good display performance and so on.
Facing the future, with the development of LED display screen technology, 3G communication technology and other innovative transmission technology will also be widely applied to the field of outdoor media, the future LED display screen outdoor advertising will bring us more wonderful.

4. Various forms of advertising
LED display screen is usually set up in public places with large traffic flow, traffic arteries, intuitive, image, vivid advertising form to attract viewers' active attention, a wider range of compulsory viewing than traditional media. In addition to outdoor advertising, can also release information.
Large outdoor full-color LED display as a new media, full-color LED large screen is always an important part of the LED field.

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