Advantages and application fields of full-color led display


With the rapid development of international business informatization, full-color LED display products have been widely used in indoor and outdoor advertising, cultural squares, commercial buildings, hotels, shopping malls, stadiums, stage performance backgrounds and other fields. It can be seen that the utilization rate of LED displays is still quite high, but these LED products are LED displays with traditional spacing. With the maturity of LED display technology, LED display manufacturers have begun to set their sights on a wider indoor space. Display application market. Have you ever thought about placing a small-pitch LED display in the living room and conference room after the LCD TV and projector? There is a dream, but it still needs to be crossed step by step.

At present, the small-pitch LED display has advantages that the existing mainstream home display devices do not have - such as high color gamut, high refresh rate, low power consumption, etc., but there are still some unsolved problems in the use of small-pitch products. , affecting it further becoming the primary product for home users or offices. The first is the price. Since more LED lamp beads need to be installed per unit area, the small-pitch LED display has higher requirements on the process, and it will cost more to solve the problems of heat dissipation and circuit than the traditional pitch products. , The yield rate is low, resulting in the current price of small-pitch LED products is still high. For ordinary users, it will cost hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy products with a size of 100 inches or more, which is still quite difficult. On the other hand, as the production capacity of LED large screens is increasing and technology is improving, the yield rate will be further improved, and product prices will continue to fall.

Today's display screens are developing in the direction of intelligence, ultra-thin, lightweight, and networked. With the maturity of technology, small-pitch LED displays with easy assembly and high performance are widely used in the market. Compared with other display screens, small-pitch LED display screens have a series of advantages such as high definition, high brightness, high color saturation, low power consumption, and long service life. Highly valued by users in the field. Since there is no backlight transmission in the display technology link, the LED display is directly illuminated by the lamp beads, so the response time, color capability, brightness and other indicators of the small-pitch LED display are more advantageous than the liquid crystal products.

At present, small-pitch LED display products have been used in luxury villas, control command, security monitoring, high-end conference rooms and other places. The projector will enter the main meeting room, and will replace the LCD TV in the main living room, which is worth looking forward to. The small-pitch products of led display manufacturers have been quantified, and users are welcome to use and recognize them. .

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