Analysis of three common faults of LED transparent screen


No product can be used all the time. If you are using LED transparent screens, it is normal for faults to occur during use. The following three types of faults can be dealt with in this way. 1. The screen display is incomplete. If the LED is on a transparent screen, we need to confirm whether the content played is based on the resolution of the LED transparent screen. It depends on the production, and then we need to confirm whether the video processor is compatible with the resolution and Same screen resolution. 2. LED transparent screen does not work If this happens to the LED transparent screen, first confirm whether the control box is powered on, and the signal transmission master of European Hengchang.

It is normal for the LED transparent display to be powered on. At the instant of turning on and off, the screen will flash once and return to a black screen. If there is no problem with the above two checks, you need to check whether the network cable is well connected.

You can use a network cable tester to check the working condition of the network cable. 3. If one or more light strips in a module or the whole module is working abnormally, it is necessary to confirm and mark the fault phenomenon and location, and then replace the faulty module. The replacement method is mainly to cut off all the power of the screen, open the cover behind the screen, and pull out the power line and signal line on the module.

Remove the fixing screws on the left and right of the module, remove the faulty module and pack it, install the corresponding new module, retract the fixing screws, insert the power line and signal line, and then perform a power test. In fact, the above three situations are relatively common for us, in fact, you may also encounter other situations, if this happens, please contact us! .

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