Application of led transparent screen in science and technology museum


As a technological product of creative display, the LED transparent screen of Lianhuiye Technology allows people to perceive the magic and mystery of technology through the transparent screen. As an important place to disseminate scientific knowledge, science and technology museums more or less use LED display screens. Transparent screens are light and thin for display. In recent years, they have been favored by science and technology museums. The led transparent screen can be customized and bent. As a high-tech effect display, the led transparent screen adopts a customized keel structure. As we all know, there is a certain line of sight distance limit for viewing the display screen indoors. Maybe for us, we will think that it is transparent The screen is not as high-definition as a conventional led display.

However, after rapid development of transparent screens, not only has the pitch of 1.9mm been achieved, but the transmittance rate has reached an astonishing 85%. It can perfectly display 4K high-definition images. If the transparent screen is not lit, you will not be able to notice the existence of the main body of the screen. And the transparent visual effect is hardly hindered.

As an emerging display carrier, LED transparent screen has strong technical feasibility. At the same time, compared with traditional exhibitions, it has the advantages of energy saving, beautiful appearance, and easy modeling, which is consistent with the innovative and cutting-edge science and technology concept of the Science and Technology Museum. As the forefront of popular science education, the Science and Technology Museum applies and disseminates new technologies.

In the use of science and technology museums, transparent screens can not only realize basic display functions, but also play an artistic role. It should not only be used as a display application, but also be used in conjunction with related exhibition items of the Science and Technology Museum to increase the interactivity, practicability and richness of the large screen. .

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