Business circles are increasingly dependent on LED electronic screens


Business districts are increasingly dependent on LED electronic screens. Now many leisure places can see LED electronic screens, such as cinemas, ktv, bars, nightclubs, banquet halls, shopping malls, etc., where there are many people are suitable for installing LED electronic screens. It is not only the transmission of information, but also the advocate of civilization. Now many LED electronic screens will play government public service advertisements to promote the construction of civilization. The P5 outdoor full-color advertising electronic screen in Xiangxi Economic Development Zone, Hunan, and the outdoor full-color LED electronic screen of United Huiye are very rare resources in well-known business districts in the market. These business districts attract many people to come and go here, and these flow Most of the people have a strong consumption ability. Nowadays, many companies are very fond of using these electronic screens to expand the popularity of their products, so as to better open up market sales. Times Square in New York was once known as a well-known center of LED display screens. It has a very dense outdoor electronic screen title. Although the daily rent of electronic screens is high, the quality is also well received by users.

Shenzhen United Huiye Technology is a well-known manufacturer of outdoor full-color LED electronic screens in China. It has undertaken most of the outdoor electronic screens of buildings, outdoor LED screens for subway transportation in Guangxi, shopping malls in Paris, France, and outdoor LED screens in Longhai Bay, Vietnam. Electronic screen project case. These led electronic screens have first-class picture quality, vivid colors, high protection level, quality and service are well received by the majority of users, so they are favored by the majority of customers. From the development of outdoor full-color LED electronic display in the past few years to the present, it is only a matter of the past ten years.

In the early days of the past, straight LED screens were the mainstay. Later, surface mount technology became more and more popular. Now, outdoor surface mount electronic screens have gradually become the mainstream of market life. Lianhuiye has witnessed the development of these LED electronic screens. The changes have also witnessed the development of China's economic market demand in these years. With the fierce competition in the market, the traditional marketing methods in the past can no longer have the advantage of being invincible all over the world. Only more creative outdoor advertisements can better attract people's attention. Now users are interested in outdoor advertising. The demand for full-color LED electronic screens is also constantly increasing. At present, it is more combined with emerging display technologies. In a shopping mall building in Nanning, Guangxi, a 640㎡ ultra-high-definition LED electronic screen designed and manufactured by Shenzhen United Huiye It is very eye-catching. This is also the first 4K high-definition outdoor LED surface-mounted electronic screen that supports 3D effects in China. The advertising visual effect displayed by this electronic screen at night is very shocking and eye-catching. The feeling of being in it. Nowadays, full-color LED electronic screens are widely used. In many urban business districts, whether it is a first-tier city or a second-tier city, you will see many outdoor full-color LED electronic screens. These examples abound.

These commercials played when the electronic screen scrolls convey the latest information of the times to the passing people and lead the new trend of urban fashion. Those shopping malls and full-color electronic screens have become a benchmark in recent years. The information displayed through these LED electronic screens leads people to crazy shopping and consumption, and better drives the major development of urban department stores. . .

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