Can the indoor LED display be used in an outdoor environment?


Recently, some customers have responded to me like this, can the indoor LED display be used in an outdoor environment after being used for a period of time? Is it really possible to change the indoor screen into an outdoor LED screen? Lianhuiye believes that first of all, this must not be changed casually. The main reasons are as follows: 1. Brightness limitation: indoor LED display screens do not require high brightness, and mainly use dynamic scanning circuits. However, outdoor LED screens have high brightness requirements. Relatively high, because it is a static scanning circuit, the hardware difference between the two is relatively large. The most important thing about dynamic scanning is to save the hardware cost of the display screen. The number of driver chips used is more than ten times different, so this also largely determines that the brightness of the indoor screen is relatively low, generally between 1600cd/㎡, only Suitable for indoor use. 2. Waterproof restrictions.

Indoor LED screen structure requirements are basically not waterproof, even if it is waterproof, it is a simple waterproof treatment, while outdoor LED display screens have high requirements for waterproofing, because outdoor LED screens often encounter wind, rain, thunder and lightning, so they must be aligned during production. Cables and boxes, etc. should be waterproofed, and the requirements for the box structure itself will also be different. 3. Viewing distance limitation. The requirement for indoor LED display screens is that the viewing distance is close. The models are generally between P0.8, P1.5, P1.75, P2, P3 and P4, and the area is relatively small, generally within 100 square meters. , while the outdoor LED display requires a relatively long viewing distance, the model is generally between P8 and P20, because the outdoor screen is usually relatively large, so it generally exceeds 40 square meters.

Therefore, Lianhuiye believes that due to differences in brightness, waterproof treatment, and model selection between indoor LED displays and outdoor displays, raw materials, accessories, cabinets and other hardware are different at the beginning of production, so try not to change them as much as possible. It will only make the effect worse and worse. .

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