Can the policy dividend LED large screen industry benefit?


Industry experts combine the relevant policy guidelines of the LED large screen industry for the first time, and select the following new round of policy dividends that may be brought to the LED large screen industry: Industry, construction, and transportation bring a new round of energy-saving renovation needs to encourage research and development of high-efficiency energy-saving Equipment (products) and key components also include LED large-screen color screens, increase demonstration and promotion efforts, and accelerate the promotion of reducing overall costs. Formulate and revise mandatory energy efficiency and energy consumption quota standards, and accelerate the transformation and application of energy-saving scientific and technological achievements. Improve the energy efficiency labeling system and energy-saving LED large-screen product certification system, implement the energy efficiency leader system in the fields of industry, construction, transportation, and consumer goods, and promote energy-using enterprises and product manufacturers to improve energy efficiency by leaps and bounds. Publish the technology promotion catalog of LED large screens for energy-saving products, improve the government procurement policy for energy-saving products, and promote the increase in the market share of energy-saving products. Organize and implement energy-saving key common technology improvement projects and energy-saving equipment LED large-screen manufacturing projects. Encourage the research and development of a batch of high-efficiency energy-saving equipment (products) and their key components such as high-power semiconductor lighting chips and devices. Organize the implementation of energy-saving demonstration projects in cities, parks and enterprises, and promote the demonstration and application of high-efficiency and energy-saving LED large-screen technology integration. Quantum dots, new components and materials promote the research and development and industrialization of key technologies in the fields of smart sensors, power electronics, printed electronics, semiconductor lighting, LED large screens, inertial navigation, etc., and improve the supply guarantee of new chip components, optical communication devices, and special electronic materials ability. The plan mentions that localization breakthroughs and large-scale applications of technologies such as active matrix organic light-emitting diodes (AMOLED large screens), ultra-high-definition (4K/8K) quantum displays, and flexible LED display screens will be achieved. LED enterprises accelerate the integration with the cultural industry, use digital technology and advanced concepts to promote the accelerated development of cultural creativity and innovative design industries, promote the deep integration of cultural technology, and the mutual penetration of related industries. LED large screens are undoubtedly the best publicity tool. By 2020, a digital creative industry development pattern with cultural leadership, advanced technology and a complete chain will be formed, and the output value of related LED industries will reach 80 billion yuan. With enterprises as the main body, combining production, education and research, build an innovation platform for digital cultural and creative industries, strengthen basic technology research and development, vigorously develop new software and hardware products such as virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive film and television LED large screen miniaturization, and promote the development of related content . Patents will become the next focus. Implement the intellectual property strategic promotion plan for the strategic emerging LED large-screen industry, deploy intellectual property service chains around strategic emerging industry clusters, establish intellectual property cluster management systems, and promote the formation of a number of intellectual property advantage clusters. Strengthen patent analysis and trend monitoring of strategic emerging industries. Encourage the overseas layout of enterprises to promote the overseas expansion of leading enterprises in the fields of high-end equipment, new generation information technology, LED display technology, etc., and carry out higher-level cooperation with international large enterprises to achieve complementary advantages and win-win development. Promote the global layout of the LED industry chain, and determine different promotion methods and implementation paths for key countries and regions in key areas such as high-end equipment, new generation information technology, and new energy, and promote the optimization and integration of industry chain resources. Strategic emerging industries represent the direction of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, and are key areas for cultivating new growth drivers and gaining new competitive advantages in the future. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, strategic emerging industries, especially LED large-screen emerging technologies, should be placed in a more prominent position in economic and social development, vigorously build a new modern industrial system, and promote sustainable and healthy economic and social development. .

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