Cause Analysis of Common Faults of LED Full Color Screen


LED full-color screens are now used in various places in various cities. As LED full-color screens spread all over the world, the sharp increase in the number has led to quantitative changes to qualitative changes, and many LED full-color screen faults have gradually been exposed. With the cessation of continuous rainfall in the south, outdoor full-color LED screens have also begun to work normally. Although the good weather can guarantee the normal operation of the LED full-color screen, we will have to face the problem of the unstable LED full-color screen in continuous rainy days. Start with the analysis of the common problems of led screens, then discuss the causes of this problem, and finally solve the problem of work stability from the aspects of program formulation, product design, manufacturing process and engineering installation. The common problems of led full-color screen mainly include: the display of a single cabinet is chaotic, the display of a single module is abnormal, and the dead point (the light is not bright) and so on. The chaotic display of a single cabinet is mostly due to the failure of the receiving card in the control system. Failure of the receiving card will cause confusion in the display of the whole box. To improve the stability of the control system, when selecting a control system for the display screen, the stability of the control system should be considered as an important indicator to improve the working stability of the entire display screen. The abnormal display of a single module is mainly caused by the problem of the driver IC or the circuit. If the protection level of the outdoor LED full-color display screen does not meet the requirements, it will make the display of the entire module confusing, so the protection of the outdoor screen is the key point. Dead spots are mainly caused by problems in raw materials, production techniques and on-site use. To improve the display stability of pixels, the following three aspects need to be solved. First, choose high-quality and stable lamps to reduce the failure rate of lamps from raw materials. Second, improve the production process according to the characteristics of LED lights to ensure that there are no problems in the production process. Third, pay attention to the protection of pixels in field use, especially to prevent their impact and other damage, so that they will not be disturbed by the external environment. Regarding how to improve the working stability of the LED full-color screen, from the above analysis, we can see that to improve the working stability of the LED full-color screen, we must first choose a stable control system, followed by the power supply reliability of the main power supply and the power supply inside the display box. Work stability, the last is to choose a high-quality light source, and to improve the production process. In order to reduce the probability of problems in various aspects, we can improve the working stability of the LED full-color screen. .

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