Chip breakthrough leads the development of energy-saving LED display


"Chip Breakthrough Leads the Development of LED Display Energy Saving" The research and development of LED chips and technology leaders have been monopolized by American and Japanese companies. In recent years, China's LED chips have gradually transformed from followers to leaders in certain fields. The power output ratio of the display screen has been greatly improved, and power has always been one of the concerns of customers when choosing LED display screens, which means that my country's individual technical level has reached the international leading level. On January 22, 2017, it has been more than a year since the 2015 National Science and Technology Award Conference held on January 8, 2016. At this conference, the project "GaN-based blue light-emitting diode with high light efficiency on silicon substrate" won the 2015 National Science and Technology Award Conference. The team led by Jiang Fengyi, who won the first prize of the Technology Invention Award, did not stop at the pace of progress. After the Blu-ray Award, more and greater technological achievements continued to emerge. Among them, the electro-optical conversion power of silicon substrate yellow LED developed by the center has reached 21.5%, making my country's LED reach the "partial leader" position.

"Plug the light bulb into the socket, input 1 watt of electricity, and output 0.2 watts of light. The electro-optical conversion efficiency is 20%." Wang Guangxu said that the electro-optic conversion efficiency of the silicon substrate yellow LED developed by the engineering center has reached 21.5%. , which is much higher than the highest level (9.63%) of foreign public reports. At present, this technology is already at the leading level in the world, and makes my country's LEDs reach the "partial leader" status. The best level of Huangguang World's acquisition is based on the first-generation MOCVD high-end equipment independently developed by the center.

Walking into the newly completed National Silicon-based LED Engineering Technology Research Center of Nanchang University (hereinafter referred to as the "Engineering Center") located in Nanchang High-tech Zone, you can see related exhibition boards about LED technology everywhere. Wang Guangxu, deputy director of the National Silicon-based LED Engineering Technology Research Center of Nanchang University, pointed to the exhibition board and said that after the project of "GaN-based blue light-emitting diodes with high light efficiency on silicon substrates" won the first prize of the 2015 National Technology Invention Award, the engineering center is currently still in development. New breakthroughs have been made in yellow light, green light, and the next generation of phosphor-free LED displays and new MOCVD high-end equipment. In addition to yellow light, the electro-optic conversion power efficiency of silicon-substrate green LED developed by the center has reached 40%, which is at the world-class level; the next-generation LED display technology based on multi-primary color synthesis has reached the practical level and is heading towards "full leadership" "Goal forward.

Huangguang has been well used in practice, and will officially "go out" from the laboratory in the first half of 2017 and introduce it into the production line for large-scale production. The international counterparts expressed ''amazing'' (amazing) to the major breakthrough of my country's yellow LED technology. Wang Guangxu said that the next-generation phosphor-free LED display will be softer than the first-generation LED display and more biased towards natural light.

In addition, the engineering center has also cooperated with many units or groups to continuously lead the new direction of domestic and even international LED development. At the same time, it has realized "special display" on the basis of the original LED display, expanding or preparing to expand LED and optical communication. , LED and planting, LED and aquaculture, etc. .

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