Cinema entertainment industry improves LED screen user experience


The movie theater industry is a big demand market for LED screens. According to statistics, the number of LED electronic screens in my country, including other equipment, has reached more than 34,000. The largest potential application market for LED screens. In the field of LED cinemas, Samsung is a well-deserved leader. On February 4, 2018, Samsung and Wanda Group held a celebration for the opening of China's first Samsung LED electronic screen cinema at the Wanda Plaza store in Wujiaochang, Shanghai. For a while, discussions such as "movie projector farewell to history", "the most shocking so far" and "future film technology" were heard endlessly.

But is that really the case? In movie theaters, high-definition LED screens have an absolute advantage, complying with the DCI-P3 color gamut standard, with a brightness of 146fl, which is 10 times that of traditional digital cinemas. Coupled with active light, it naturally has high anti-light interference characteristics and can bring better Movie experience. However, 4K projectors can only achieve high-definition picture quality in the center area of ​​the screen, and there are usually defocus problems at the edges. However, at present, the ticket price of LED theaters is almost twice that of IMAX halls, which is a flaw.

High cost and high technology are important obstacles for LED screens to enter the cinema market at present. This is a problem that LED electronic screen manufacturers must consider; for the audience, the most intolerable thing to watch LED screens is: black screen or no signal In most cases, it is due to the failure of the switching power supply. Compared with projectors, the failure rate of LED screens is higher than that of projectors due to the large size of the system. Therefore, if LED electronic screens are to be truly introduced to the cinema market, reliability improvement is an important system engineering for the industry. The low brightness value is also one of the reasons why the projection has been criticized. If the brightness is too low, it will easily cause users to watch for a long time and cause dizziness and eye pain.

The LED electronic screen factory can ensure that the LED screen can achieve different brightness by selecting the appropriate lamp beads, driver IC and controller, and designing a reasonable circuit. At the same time, the LED screen is actively emitting light, and the surface mask adopts a diffuse reflection design to ensure that the electronic screen is evenly exposed and the display effect is consistent. In the long run, it is not impossible for LED electronic screens to replace traditional projections, and this vision will also lead display devices towards a better direction.

It has to be mentioned that movie theaters are crowded places, and LED electronic screens have a certain risk of flammability due to their own heating. Therefore, the selection of flame-retardant or non-combustible materials is the basic requirement for LED screens to enter the movie theater line. .

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