Color LED advertising screen raw materials are very important


The raw materials of color LED advertising screens are very important. The rapid development of color LED advertising screens at this stage benefits from the overall performance of the domestic LED industry chain and high-end manufacturing equipment. Various shapes and different environments have different requirements for color LED advertising screens. Only by choosing the right raw materials can we meet customers' cost-effective LED advertising screen products. For example, the specific indicators of outdoor LED advertising screens and indoor LED display screens are completely different. Outdoor LED advertising screens focus on product brightness and protection performance, while indoor LED display screens focus on product density and imaging distance refresh.

In today's society, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, the speed of product replacement is faster than ever before. As a color LED advertising screen for electronic products, the product update speed is faster than other products. In such an era of rapid update, color How to choose LED advertising screen accessories, do you know? The following United Huiye will tell you in detail. 1. Box body: The box body used in the selection of color LED advertising screen accessories is generally made of cold-rolled plate or aluminum material as a whole. The overall protection of the box meets the IP65 standard. In addition, the structure should fully consider the heat dissipation problem. When it comes to the color LED advertising screen box, the flatness is the most critical, and the flatness determines the overall viewing effect of the color LED advertising screen.

2. LED lamp beads and chips: LED lamp beads are not only LED light-emitting tubes, but also key components of color LED advertising screens, so it is necessary to use LED lamp beads with reliable quality and mature packaging. LED products must have good stability, small dispersion, HBM greater than 4000V, small attenuation, strong pressure resistance, high consistency in wavelength, brightness, and angle, good light distribution effects, and resistance to temperature differences, humidity, and ultraviolet rays. . 3. Circuit board: The circuit board is made of flame-retardant epoxy board, with reasonable design layout and standardized wiring, which meets the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility and circuit stability.

Color LED display manufacturers Lianhuiye Technology should choose PCB products produced by well-known manufacturers. 4. Switching power supply: The power supply of the color LED advertising screen adopts a certified famous brand switching power supply module. Therefore, among the selected color LED advertising screen accessories, the switching power supply must undergo strict testing, screening, and aging. Ensure full compliance with international safety and quality certification requirements to meet the long-term stable and reliable working requirements of the display.

5. Driver chip IC device: When purchasing the driver chip IC device for color LED advertising screen accessories, the driver circuit should use a constant current driver chip of an internationally renowned brand. In a wide temperature range, maintaining high-precision constant current output and high reliability can significantly improve the uniformity and reliability of the display. The main materials of the display system should pass CE, FCC, UL, CCC, ISO9000 and other certifications.

6. Connector: The connector is an important connecting device in the color LED advertising screen system, and it is also one of the important accessories of the color LED advertising screen. High-quality connector products should be used to ensure the thickness of the pure gold plating of the connector and maintain the best electrical connection performance. Ensure the good electrical connection performance of the color LED advertising screen system in high temperature and high humidity environment, which can make the system run stably and reliably for a long time.

Whether the color LED advertising screen is good or not depends on the quality of the accessories. Combining the above points to choose the color LED advertising screen accessories, your color LED advertising screen will run well and stably! I believe that if we do the above and insist on reliable supporting facilities and materials and professional R&D and design technology, we will be able to reduce the failure rate of color screens and greatly improve the reliability and stability of color LED advertising screens. .

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