Common faults and maintenance methods of indoor LED display


After door-to-door installation of the indoor LED display screen, it has been debugged and delivered to the user. Afterwards, the abnormal situation is a failure problem. According to the feedback from the previous users, there are usually the following situations and maintenance methods: 1. There are sporadic non-lit lights in the entire screen , Also known as black spots, bad lights, dead lights. (If it is not a regional occurrence, as long as it is within the range of the failure rate, the display effect will not be affected generally). (Check where the power line is short-circuited, especially the positive and negative power line connectors to see if there is any contact, and the connector on the power switch; another one is not to have metal objects falling inside the screen) 3. The LED display screen is abnormal Show, twinkle motley.

(Check from the board at the abnormal position, check whether the cable is loose, whether the cable interface of the board is damaged, if there is any problem, replace the cable or the faulty board) 4. A large area of ​​the LED display screen is not displayed, and it is all black. (First consider the problem of power transmission, start to check from the problem board to see if the power is off and there is no electricity, check whether the cable is loose and the signal has not been transmitted, and then there is a problem of damaged receiving card; you can find a solution if you eliminate them one by one) 5. When playing videos or pictures on the stage LED display, the display area of ​​the computer software is normal, but the screen sometimes freezes or goes black. (Usually it is a problem with the quality of the network cable. The black screen freezes due to packet loss during video data transmission, which can be solved by replacing the network cable with a better quality.) 6. There are blinking squares, variegated colors, Several lights in a row side by side show abnormalities.

(That is the problem of the board, just replace the board with abnormal display, the indoor screen is usually installed on the wall with magnets, just use a little force to remove the board and replace it) 7. There is an area of ​​the large LED screen where the board display is abnormal, It's like all the messy colors are flashing. (Usually it is a receiving card problem. Check which receiving card controls that area, and replace the receiving card to solve the problem) Maipu Guangcai unit board 8. The computer Internet cable is connected to the Maipu Guangcai LED large screen network cable well. It prompts "No large-screen system found", even the LED screen can play pictures and video functions normally, but all the data sent by the software settings fail, such as the brightness sending fails. (Generally, there is a problem with sending, and replacing the sending card can solve it) 9. The display of the playback software window on the LED display is normal, but the picture on the screen is disordered, staggered, or divided into multiple windows to display the same picture separately.

(It is a software setting problem, enter the software setting and reset it correctly to solve it) 10. I want the LED display to be synchronized with the computer desktop for full-screen display. (If there is no LED video processor, this function cannot be realized; if it is equipped with a video processor, it can be adjusted on the video processor to synchronize the image area to be displayed to the large LED screen) In addition to the above common troubleshooting In addition, there are still various problems that will arise. If the LED display in the banquet hall fails, please report to us for repair and warranty in time. Non-professionals should not disassemble and check at will to avoid safety accidents.


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