Conventional installation method of LED display


Conventional installation method of LED display screen, LED display screen belongs to customized equipment, because the installation environment is different, so the installation of LED display screen must be beautiful and coordinated with the site environment, waterproof and maintenance are factors that must be considered, here Let's talk about several conventional installation methods of LED displays in order to help you. According to the environment, it is divided into: indoor, outdoor, semi-outdoor. Indoor LED displays are usually installed on the wall, such as the company's front desk, conference room, sales hall, ticket hall, bank, etc., are all installed directly on the wall, and the maintenance method is magnetic attraction. Type structure, front maintenance, special environment such as stage, leasing, exhibition and other places, it is necessary to reserve a rear passage, so that personnel can move around and facilitate disassembly and assembly. Locked on the steel structure, the maintenance method is post-maintenance. Because the outdoor LED display needs to be waterproof, the single LED module must be fixed on the box with screws, the box is fixed on the steel structure with connecting pieces, and the front and side of the steel structure are sealed with aluminum-plastic panels or stainless steel. Play a waterproof and decorative role.

There are also many ways to install outdoor LED displays, such as pillars, wall hangings, hoisting, light pole screens, rental screens, etc. Different installation methods have different methods, some fixing methods are special, and we have also designed different box structures , For example, the LED display with a small area can be designed with a front clamshell, a light pole screen with the same shape as a mobile phone, the latest LED module front buckle scheme, etc. We provide customers with the most economical, beautiful, and easy-to-use solutions. Reasonable solutions are recommended for you based on maintenance and other factors for your reference. The above is my personal suggestion, I hope it will be helpful to you. .

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