Current situation analysis of full-color LED screen


What is the market situation of full-color LED large screens in China? With the continuous improvement of technical indicators such as dot pitch, stability, grayscale, and brightness, LED screens are also showing their unique advantages in more and more fields. According to the current market development situation, LED screen will still maintain vigorous growth space for a long time, but it will also encounter problems in the development process of all industries. LED large screen barriers 1. R&D and technical barriers LED large screen and lighting industry, as a high-tech industry, involves many disciplines such as optics, thermal science, material science, electronics, computer, software, automation, mechanical engineering, decorative arts, etc. The comprehensive system application of the above disciplines has high technical barriers. At the same time, because LED products are mostly customized and personalized, they have high technical requirements for production technology, quality control level and stability. Any problem in any link of production may affect the quality, life and performance of the product. 2. Capital barriers The LED large screen and lighting industry is a capital-intensive industry, and small enterprises with a low degree of automation cannot guarantee product quality and production capacity, so they can only compete purely on price in the low-end market. In the current market environment, to participate in bidding to undertake large-scale projects, it is necessary to invest in advanced machinery and equipment to improve production capacity and technical level. In addition, the common production mode in the industry is production, processing, and engineering installation. The engineering installation link leads to a long cycle of capital withdrawal, low asset turnover efficiency, and high requirements for capital scale. LED large screen is good 1. National industrial policy support A number of industrial policies proposed by the State Council, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Development and Reform Commission and local governments have played an important role in promoting the development of the entire LED industry and the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure. Under the background of industrial policy support, the scale of the industry is expanding day by day, and the industrial chain is becoming more and more complete, creating good conditions for enterprises in the industry to improve their competitiveness and participate in international competition. A group of companies with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness are expected to emerge in China. backbone enterprises. 2. The product has a wide range of applications and a broad market prospect. Various LED applications are in the ascendant. Domestic LEDs have gradually formed hundreds of LED application products such as instructions, signals and displays, and backlighting. They are widely used in landscape decorative lighting, LED large screens, and traffic lights. , Home appliance digital display and indicator lights, car lights, mobile phones, digital cameras, computers, LCD TV backlights and other fields. With the development of technology, LED also has new application directions, such as aerospace, medical treatment, agriculture and other fields. The steady growth of the market share of various LED applications and the continuous emergence and development of emerging application fields have created a good market space for the development of the LED industry. .

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