Explain the fault detection method of LED electronic display screen


In recent years, LED electronic displays have developed rapidly, and LED electronic displays can be seen everywhere from homes to outdoors. As long as LEDs are electronic equipment, the quality of electronic displays requires regular maintenance. In addition to the quality of the product itself, maintenance is also a key factor in extending its service life. Like other products, LED electronic display will also have problems, the following is the fault detection method.

1. LED electronic display resistance measurement method For the resistance measurement method of LED electronic screen, it is necessary to adjust the digital multimeter to the resistance file. First check the resistance value of the contact point of the normal circuit board, and then check the same point of the same circuit board. Are all normal resistor values ​​different? If they are different, you can understand the scope of the display problem, otherwise, ignore it.

2. LED electronic display working voltage measurement method The working voltage test of the LED electronic screen is to adjust the digital multimeter to the working voltage range, check whether the working voltage of the abnormal power supply circuit is normal, and make the problem easy to identify. 3. Judgment method for short-circuit fault of LED electronic display The short-circuit fault measurement method of LED electronic screen is to adjust the digital multimeter to the short-circuit fault detection block to check whether there is a short-circuit fault. If a short circuit fault is found, it should be dealt with immediately.

The short circuit fault of the display is also the same as the common fault of the LED display control module. When the power circuit is turned off, a short-circuit fault test should be carried out to prevent damage to the digital multimeter. 4. LED electronic display voltage drop measurement method The LED electronic screen voltage drop detection method is to adjust the digital multimeter to the diode voltage for voltage drop test.

Because all displays have IC's and they are made up of many modules, there will be current on the pin when the current is based on it. In all normal cases, the voltage drop across the pins of ICs of the same model and specification is similar. The above four are the detection and maintenance methods of LED electronic display screens that only irregular inspections can greatly extend the service life of LED electronic display screens, saving too much budgetary expenditure.


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