Factors to consider when purchasing small-pitch LED displays


With the rapid development of international commercial service information management, LED display products have been widely used in indoor and outdoor advertising, cultural activity centers, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, sports venues, performances, etc. industry. It can be seen that the utilization rate of LED displays is still very high, but these LED products all use traditional-pitch LED displays. With the improvement of LED display technology, LED display manufacturers have begun to look at To a wider room display application field. Do you want to place a small-pitch LED display in the living room or meeting room after the LCD TV and projector? The first is the price, because a large number of LED lamp beads must be installed on the floor of the unit, so the small-pitch LED display screens have higher requirements for processing technology, and it takes more cost to solve problems such as heat dissipation and power circuits than traditional spacing products, and the yield rate is low, resulting in the current price of small-pitch LED products. expensive.

On the other hand, as the production capacity of small-pitch LED displays is improving and the technology is improving, the yield rate may be further improved, and product prices will continue to fall. Today's display screens are developing towards intelligent, thin, light, and digital orientations, and with the improvement of technology, small-pitch LED displays with easy assembly and excellent performance have been widely used in the market. Compared with other display screens, the small-pitch LED display screen has many advantages such as ultra-clear, high brightness, high color saturation, less energy consumption, and long service life. It has excellent display performance and ultra-clear picture quality. To the attention of customers from all walks of life.

Because there is no backlight scattering in the display technology stage, the LED lamp beads are directly used to illuminate the display, so the response speed, color capability, chromaticity and other indicators of the small-pitch LED display must have more advantages than LCD products. At this stage, small-pitch LED display products are already used in luxury villas, operation guides, security monitoring systems, high-end conference rooms and other places. As everyone knows, ordinary consumer groups do not yet have the consumption power, but in the future, small-pitch LED display products It will replace the projector in the meeting room, and will replace the LCD TV in the living room. This is very worth looking forward to. .

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