Features and composition of grille LED electronic screen


What is a grille led electronic screen, a grille led electronic screen, including a light trough, an indoor grille led electronic screen strip, a diffuser plate installed in a light trough, a light guide plate, a reflective sheet and a rear cover, the diffuser plate, The light guide plate, the reflective sheet and the back cover are arranged in sequence, the indoor grid LED electronic screen display bar is installed in the light groove, and a silk screen film is arranged between the reflective sheet and the light guide plate. The grid led electronic screen is easy to install. When installing, the lamp groove is connected with the connecting piece by screws, and the grid led electronic screen can be hung at the desired position by using the hanging hole on the connecting piece; the grid led electronic screen described in the utility model Screen, the processing technology is simple, the protrusions on the screen printing film are sparse around the periphery and densely arranged in the middle, which is conducive to reflecting the middle light to the surroundings, changing the path of the light source during the light source emission process, and changing the light angle from the side to the front light. Angle, to achieve the effect of the uniformity of the surface light source, the light emitted by the grid LED electronic screen is uniform, and also improve the utilization rate of light; because the indoor grid LED electronic screen display bar is close to the light groove, it is beneficial to heat dissipation. Can you roughly know what is a grille led electronic screen? It is also a replacement lighting appliance, which can directly replace the original traditional fluorescent lamp panel. It is easy to install and has soft light. Due to its characteristics, the grille led screen has ushered in rapid development. It can be said that it has broken through all kinds of bad phenomena in the past. There are all kinds of grille led screen products. Only you can't think of it. Without our grille led electronic screen, we can't do it It's very novel. Then I would like to ask you, what is a grille led electronic screen? Maybe you know it, or use it, but do you know more specific information about it? Popularize it for you. The characteristics of grille led electronic screen are high safety performance, grille led electronic screen works with constant current, fast start, low voltage, small current, fast heat dissipation, and no safety hazard. The power supply can directly contact the radiator, and the cooling effect is stronger. Strong insulation, high safety, good dustproof effect, green and environmental protection. No flicker, pure direct current, eliminating visual fatigue caused by traditional light source flicker. Low pressure and low heat work, safe and reliable, suitable for safety lighting requirements in public places. The drive adopts PWM constant current technology, which has high efficiency, high precision of constant current and low electromagnetic radiation, and can directly replace the existing traditional energy-saving lamps. A new type of ceiling product, the frame is made of aluminum alloy, the thickness is only 20-30MM, bright and uniform. The bright light output is completely planar, the luminous angle is wider, the surface is smooth and uniform, soft and not dazzling, green and environmentally friendly, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, no light pollution, and the base material acrylic can be recycled, low energy consumption. 90% energy saving than ordinary fluorescent lamps. The above descriptions are some relevant experience descriptions summed up by LED electronic screen manufacturers and Huiye Technology over the years. Using scientific side-emitting technology, the light is uniform and soft, close to natural light, comfortable and bright, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue, and the soft light technology is used to expand the grille LED electronic screen into a surface light source, eliminating glare, visual fatigue, sublimation visual effect, and stable performance , low maintenance rate, strong versatility, easy installation and space saving. .

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