Focus on 3?15 to reveal the false face of the LED display! How do screen companies talk about "artisan spirit"


Focus on 3?15 to reveal the false face of the LED display! Why screen companies talk about "artisan spirit" Huicong LED Screen Network Report [Focus on 315 International Consumer Rights Day] Another year is March 15! As the saying goes, "Consumer is God", cracking down on counterfeiting is king! Today, the annual The anti-counterfeiting conference kicked off, focusing on the 3?15 party, let’s take a look at the stage design of the party first, projection and large LED screen, an absolute value-for-money visual experience! At the same time, as a member of the LED display industry, the most concerned Nothing is better than those "fake faces" of LED display screens. In the face of the fake LED display screens that are not the worst but worse, we refuse to cover up the international holidays, and face the industry's quality criticism and accident black history! Quality criticism: 1. Lamp bead life is short, color difference is large, dead light rate is high. In the LED display industry, under normal circumstances, manufacturers must go through strict testing to ensure that there is no dead light before the product leaves the factory. However, due to the fact that various manufacturers have different control levels on issues such as raw material selection, packaging technology, and electrostatic protection, it is inevitable that LED displays on the market will experience dead lights. Use requirements, high heat generation, large color difference, and fast attenuation. Once a large area of ​​the screen is dead, it will seriously affect the display effect and life of the LED display, resulting in black screens and blurred screens. 2. Inferior power supplies are overloaded and the screen fails frequently. LED display screens. Inferior power supplies usually shrink the materials used, thereby reducing material costs and obtaining higher profits. However, due to fake power supplies, people cannot use the naked eye to distinguish from the power supply packaging. Good or bad, the low-cost materials during use will also cause insufficient heat dissipation of the power supply and overload operation, resulting in frequent failures of the LED display, and even causing the LED display to overheat and catch fire.

3. Inferior PCB materials and poor manufacturing process LED display PCB board materials are inferior, copper clad is thin, and unreasonable design is also a major quality problem for LED display products. Poor manufacturing of PCB boards will cause burrs on the copper wires, which can easily cause short circuits and become the source of fire hazards. 4. The quality of the wire is uneven and the safety factor is low. At present, the wire materials in the LED display market are uneven, and some companies cut corners. Once this kind of wire is used on LED display products, the unsafe factor will be greatly increased, which will seriously affect the normal use of LED display.

Of course, in addition to a series of problems with LED display raw materials, manufacturing processes and supporting products, in recent years, some major accidents caused by LED displays have also made people jaw-dropping. The LED display accident is still in the throat. Looking back from 2016 to the present, many accidents broke out in the LED display industry, which warns every LED person that the manufacture of low-end LED displays will harm others and themselves, and will gradually die out! Accident black history: 1. LED display The collapse is unstoppable. In November 2016, the LED display at the site of the annual "Wangcang Ancient City Mountain Red Leaf Festival" held in Wangcang County, Guangyuan, Sichuan Province collapsed. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but the loss was huge. On June 30, 2016, the Weifang Meteorological Bureau issued an orange lightning warning signal.

In this violent storm, the temporary light stands and LED display screens for the Oktoberfest in Weifang Olympic Sports Center collapsed, and the scene was in chaos. On May 6, 2016, at the scene of "The Voice of China" in Shizhu County, Chongqing, a female contestant was singing in the middle of the stage when the huge LED screen behind her suddenly fell down and hit it. hinder. The organizer's failure to control the safety of the stage was the main cause of the accident.

2. The LED display caught fire and caused a large-scale fire. On January 12, 2017, the Postal Savings Bank located at the intersection of Weier Road and Jingsan Road in Jiyang County suddenly caught fire, and the fire was fierce. It is understood that the accident was caused by a fire on the LED display above the outside of the hall, and the preliminary analysis was that the line was aging. On October 19, 2016, a fire broke out in a shop facing the street on Yingjin Road, Songshan District. After receiving the alarm, the Songshan Squadron immediately dispatched 3 fire water tankers and 10 commanders and fighters to the scene to fight the fire.

It is reported that the cause of the fire is suspected to be caused by a short circuit of the store's plaque LED screen. On June 7, 2016, a fire broke out in Tianjiao Square in Chibi City, Hubei Province. By 1:15 on the 8th, the fire was basically under control, and there were no casualties. The accident was suspected to be caused by a problem with the LED display circuit.

3. The LED display screen is black and the large screen shows that "face" is no longer. On the evening of October 7, 2016, the "Sing China" finals kicked off in the Bird's Nest. The auxiliary screen on the left side of the stage just started failed, and some black screens appeared. It is reported that during the period, it was repaired once in the background, but it was still not repaired, which disappointed many viewers. In the past two years, LED street signs have appeared on both sides of the streets of Xiamen. This kind of street sign has a built-in LED luminous body. It looks the same as ordinary street signs during the day, but it will glow at night when it is powered on. The name is displayed in green, which is convenient for drivers to identify at a distance.

However, in April 2016, many citizens reported that the LED street signs were not bright during the day, and there was a black screen problem, which affected people's travel. The LED display industry urgently needs "artisan spirit". Facing these problems, LED display companies have to face up to it. Why is the product quality of the LED display industry uneven, and many unsafe accidents are repeatedly prohibited? In summary, one can imagine , Product quality and manufacturing process are the lifeblood of LED display screens. In order to ensure product quality and achieve long-term normal use of LED display screen projects, it is necessary to achieve refined production and manufacturing, ensure every production link, and achieve multi-faceted maintenance. This is indispensable to the "artisan spirit" that has been mentioned in the manufacturing industry! The spirit of craftsmanship is one of the important cultural heritages of Chinese culture. The existence of extremely excellent craftsmen made the woodworking industry in ancient China so outstanding. It embodies the significance of craftsman spirit to the actual industry, that is, only with serious concentration and repeated training can excellent works be achieved.

In contemporary China, the government has put forward the strategic plan of "Made in China 2025", the purpose is to realize the transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. The embodiment of core values ​​is to require people to have a "dedicated" spirit, and this is the essence of craftsman spirit . With the convening of the Two Sessions in 2017, the "Government Work Report" proposed: Encourage enterprises to carry out personalized customization and flexible production, cultivate a craftsman spirit of excellence, increase varieties, improve quality, and create brands. Under this, many people in the industry began to pay attention to the "artisan spirit". For the LED display industry, in the face of product quality and frequent accidents, it is urgent to deepen the "artisan spirit" and practice the concept of craftsmanship.

How LED display companies practice the "artisan spirit" Nowadays, consumers' self-awareness is enhanced, and consumer demand is also rising. The LED display industry is also entering the era of customization from large-scale industrial production to excellence. Therefore, in the customization In this era, LED display companies must do the following if they want to survive and develop: First, LED display companies must ensure their own "artisan spirit". Craftsmen are not mechanical repetitive people on the assembly line, but laborers with the spirit of precision manufacturing . Enterprises with a lifespan of more than 200 years in the world have survived because of their craftsmanship and continuous production of products that strive for excellence. Therefore, LED display companies need to achieve lean production and manufacturing, implement the spirit of craftsmanship on production employees, implant the spirit of craftsmanship into all aspects of operation and management, and truly deepen the "spirit of craftsmanship" from manufacturing to enterprise management. ", practicing the concept of "craftsman".

Secondly, the craftsman spirit not only represents a new production concept, but also the transformation direction of China's LED display industry. Improve quality, create brand", improve the overall level and image of Chinese enterprises. However, "artisan spirit" is not enough just to shout slogans. More importantly, it is necessary to integrate "artisan spirit" into the construction of corporate culture and put it into practice. Enterprise Development. Furthermore, the craftsman spirit of different eras has strong characteristics of the times. With the changes of the times and the development of technology, the craftsman spirit continues to incorporate new elements, but its essence remains unchanged.

On this basis, LED display companies urgently need to pay attention to innovation, precision and quality. The more advanced the technology, the more important the craftsman's spirit is. Let the craftsman's spirit keep pace with the times and continuously realize innovation. At the same time, we need to face up to the fact that the "artisan spirit" can never be achieved overnight, and it needs to be cultivated systematically and patiently by the enterprise and passed on from generation to generation. At present, it is believed that with the advancement of supply-side reforms, more and more LED display companies will attach importance to and practice the spirit of craftsmanship, and there will also be more and more "craftsman talents", using more "craftsman" "Product" conquers the world, allowing Chinese LED display companies to truly go global.


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