Full-color LED advertising screen is a marketing tool for merchants


Full-color LED advertising screens are a marketing tool for merchants. In the new era, the development of full-color LED advertising screens faces challenges and there are also great opportunities. As the country leads the people into a well-off society, consumption power continues to increase. For full-color LED advertising screens The development of the industry has a far-reaching impact. Merchants want to use the latest generation of display equipment full-color LED advertising screens for cultural promotion and corporate promotional advertisements. On October 18, 2017, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held. On behalf of the 18th Central Committee, Chairman Xi delivered a report entitled "Decisive Victory in Building a Moderately Prosperous Society in All respects and Winning the Great Victory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era" to the General Assembly.

The report pointed out that the main contradiction of our society has been transformed, and pointed out the direction and route of future development. Seriously study, analyze, research reports, understand the country's major policies in real time, and keep up with the major policies will make the development of our full-color LED advertising screen industry more effective. 1. Accelerate the reform of the ecological civilization system and build a beautiful China. After decades of development, my country's full-color LED advertising screen industry has undergone earth-shaking changes.

With the convening of the 19th National Congress, in the report of the 19th National Congress, we can see that a broader market will be opened to us. Decades of accumulation and precipitation have given the industry the capital to transform, and the main contradiction of socialism in our country has changed, which means that the time for transformation is coming. Currently, the industry has much room for improvement.

For example, operating methods with relatively low profits, full-color LED advertising screens that are not very friendly to the environment, etc., all need to be upgraded. Innovation is the way to strengthen the country, and it is also the way to expand the industry. Both technology and operation methods need to be explored through innovation. For example, the Maotai Town project and Sichuan's "Shuiyun Tianfu" are the crystallization of Leyard's new business model. They are a very good exploration of the full-color LED advertising screen industry and have achieved good results.

The modernization we want to build is a modernization in which man and nature coexist harmoniously. We need to create more material wealth and spiritual wealth to meet the people's growing needs for a better life, and we must also provide more high-quality ecological products to meet the people's growing beautiful ecology. Environmental needs. Environmental friendliness will be the development trend of full-color LED advertising screens. Building a beautiful China and beautiful new countryside is one of the key tasks of our country, and the process of urbanization will be further accelerated.

In this process, there are many opportunities for full-color LED advertising screens, but some shortcomings of full-color LED advertising screens will become the shackles of development. This year, the upstream prices of full-color LED advertising screens have risen one after another, wave after wave. Among them, the surge in prices caused by environmental protection inspections is of particular concern.

Whether it is the outdoor advertising policy for the appearance of the city, or LED display light pollution, energy consumption, etc., it is the factor that the full-color LED advertising screen is labeled as unfriendly. In the implementation of the policy of building a beautiful China, such full-color LED advertising screens are inevitably subject to many restrictions, and even encounter resistance and rejection. Therefore, environmental protection and energy saving will become one of the important directions for the optimization of full-color LED advertising screens.

2. Strengthen cultural self-confidence and promote the prosperity of socialist culture. Without a high degree of cultural self-confidence and cultural prosperity, there will be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We must adhere to the path of socialist cultural development with Chinese characteristics, stimulate the cultural innovation and creativity of the whole nation, and build a socialist cultural power and innovation power. New technologies and new products have become competitive weapons.

Innovation is the primary productive force. For example, the industry has successfully overtaken cars with small spacing, setting off a wave of small spacing on a global scale. Under the premise of vigorously developing the cultural industry and taking the road of innovation and power, high-tech projects with high innovation characteristics are more likely to receive support. In the performance reports of many enterprises, we can see that many enterprises have received huge subsidies, most of which are subsidies for high-tech projects.

The future is a favorable period for the development of LED display technology. With the strong support of the state, there will inevitably be many high-tech and top-notch technologies. In the future, full-color LED advertising screens will also compete more fiercely in terms of technological precipitation and product innovation, and it is possible to determine the market for enterprises from such competition. share. The rental market has become the backbone of the industry.

With the improvement of people's living standards, the pursuit of spiritual life is becoming more and more urgent. The development of the cultural industry is also one of the industries that will receive strong support in the future. Taking a branch of the cultural industry as an example, there are more and more large-scale evening parties held to satisfy people's spiritual life, and some large-scale enterprises also hold various anniversary parties in order to develop corporate culture. The huge market demand will make leasing The market is booming like never before.

This is especially evident in this year's rental market boom. 3. Implement new development concepts and build a modern economic system. my country's economy has shifted from a stage of high-speed growth to a stage of high-quality development. It is now in a critical period of transforming development methods, optimizing economic structure, and transforming growth drivers. Building a modern economic system is a hurdle Urgent requirements and strategic goals of my country's development. The upgrade of the business model is a good way to get rid of the profit trap.

my country's full-color LED advertising screen industry has the most complete full-color LED advertising screen industry chain in the world, and its production capacity is conservatively estimated to account for more than 80% of the world. However, full-color LED advertising screens are mostly exported overseas in the form of OEM, and the proportion of companies going abroad with their own brands is very small. In terms of manufacturing, our industry is infinitely close to the ceiling. We must upgrade our business model by expanding brand influence, increasing product added value, and improving profitability. The core of our industry's profit growth has shifted from manufacturing to technology and services.

4. The principal contradiction of our society has transformed Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the principal contradiction of our society has been transformed into the contradiction between the people's ever-growing needs for a better life and unbalanced and inadequate development. It is clear that the main contradiction in our society in the new era is the contradiction between the people's ever-growing needs for a better life and unbalanced and inadequate development. We must adhere to the people-centered development thinking, and continue to promote the all-round development of people and the common prosperity of all people. , the main social contradictions have changed, and the full-color LED advertising screen industry has a bright future.

Adhering to economic development as the core is the basic national policy that our country has followed for a long time. In order to meet the people's growing needs for a better life and enable all people to enjoy the fruits of development, we must insist on economic development as the work center and vigorously improve infrastructure construction. Infrastructure, including roads, hospitals, schools, large shopping malls, etc., all need to use display devices as information carriers, providing a broad market for the full-color LED advertising screen industry.

The huge market demand is the hotbed for the explosive development of the full-color LED advertising screen industry, and it will provide a lot of fresh blood for the development and transformation of the industry. In the next few years or even longer, the full-color LED advertising screen industry will change from a icing on the cake to an essential, ushering in an unprecedented period of development. .

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