Full-color LED display occupies the market traditional advertising form


Full-color LED display is not a new topic at present, as long as you go out, you can see LED full-color display everywhere. With excellent color reproduction and high-definition and delicate picture quality, it is no longer a problem to replace traditional inkjet advertisements, light box advertising screens, and three-sided advertisements. With the rapid development of society, full-color LED displays have become common in our daily life, whether in subways, shopping malls, high-rise buildings, or even on the way to work, we can often see full-color LED displays. With the advantages of high arrival rate and low cost, display screens have become the main force of outdoor advertising. In terms of light distribution, the blue, red and green LEDs appear to have the same brightness from all angles, which allows the screen to display its own playback effect more perfectly, no matter what angle the viewer is at. The best color picture, unlike other types of screen display, there will be color distortion in the case of angle deviation. In terms of product production, the surface-mount LED full-color display has high automation. It can be produced by fully automatic equipment, which has high efficiency, and its cost is much lower. With a wide viewing angle, for the surface mount LED screen, it has a viewing angle of more than 110 degrees in the horizontal direction, and has the same performance in the vertical direction. In many external environments, such a large viewing angle is very useful. Advantageous. In terms of contrast, since its structure is three and one, the smd will be very small. As a result, there will be a small area of ​​light emission, and there will be a large area of ​​black area, and the contrast of the screen display is very high. In terms of light mixing, due to the chip design structure of the trinity instrument, the chip body with a very small distance can be mixed in the same bracket cup, which is different from the three chips of ordinary LEDs in different LEDs. The performance of mixed light is not good. If you watch it at a close distance, the surface mount screen display will have a better viewing effect. In terms of the weight of the body, it is very light, which has a lot to do with the aluminum alloy material used in the box. It is not only light in weight, but also very beautiful. After a long time of use, there will be no deformation. , whether it is for the company that rents out the product, or the user purchases it by himself, it has a very high use value. Of course, this product also has various deficiencies. For example, its brightness is lower than other products, and its waterproof performance is also worse. Excellent, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, it is worth buying this full-color LED display product. .

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