Full-color LED electronic screen application tips


The application of full-color LED electronic screen is a little common sense. Compared with the monochrome text screen, the full-color LED electronic screen is much more complicated, and the control principle is not simple. The monochrome LED electronic screen has only one set of signals, and the lamp beads are only one color. On and off to display different fonts. The full-color LED electronic screen needs to control three groups of colors. Only by controlling different gray levels through the change of the gray scale can it display various color video programs. The full-color LED electronic screen is very important for cabinet structure design, The power factor of the power supply, the refresh of the driver chip, and the high temperature and cold resistance of each component have a direct impact. At present, LED electronic screens have been widely used in the market, whether you are walking in the streets or in the bustling downtown area, you can see the LED electronic screens. Although led electronic screens have been popularized, many customers still don't know much about the common sense of led electronic screens. The following editor will introduce some quality influencing factors of led electronic screens to you. I hope I can give you a guide when purchasing products refer to.

1. Power supply: The power supply is an important link that affects the quality of the LED electronic screen system. Because the power supply is under different temperature conditions, its working stability, output voltage value and load capacity will also be different. Since it is responsible for logistical support, its support ability directly affects the quality of LED electronic screens. Different brands and specifications of power supply equipment have great price differences. When purchasing, we should not only focus on the low price but not on its performance and quality.

2. Cabinet design: Good ventilation and heat dissipation design is an essential indicator for LED electronic screen cabinet design. 3. Influence of IC: The working temperature range of IC is -40℃—85℃. Due to the high external temperature, the temperature in the box rises. If the temperature in the box exceeds 85°C, the IC will work unstable due to the high temperature, or the current between the channels or the difference between the chips will be too large due to the difference in temperature drift. Cause Huaping.

Domestic LED electronic screen manufacturers are working hard to improve the design and process, which can effectively control the impact of the external ambient temperature on the final effect of the LED electronic screen, and make the full-color LED electronic screen display perfectly under various complex conditions as much as possible. 4. The influence of temperature on the LED electronic screen: Under different temperature conditions, the brightness attenuation and drop of the red, green and blue lights are different. At 25°C, the white balance is normal, but at 60°C At this time, the brightness of the LEDs of the three colors will all decrease, and their attenuation values ​​will be inconsistent, which will cause the phenomenon of decreased brightness and color cast of the entire screen, and then the quality of the entire LED electronic screen will decrease. Full-color LED electronic screens are very picky about the ambient temperature. In theory, the room temperature is around 25°C, and its working condition is ideal.

But in fact, in the application of outdoor LED electronic screens, the ambient temperature is quite complicated. The highest temperature in summer may be above 60°C, and the lowest temperature in winter may be below -20°C. The working efficiency and performance of LED and IC are inconsistent, the brightness is inconsistent, and the overall display of the screen naturally becomes blurred. There are many manufacturers of led electronic screens, and many customers find it difficult to choose products and do not know how to choose, especially those with choice syndrome.

Well now, the factors affecting the quality of LED electronic display screens compiled by the editor above can be used as a reference for everyone to choose and buy products, so hurry up and collect them! .

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