Full-color LED electronic screen energy saving method


The energy-saving method of full-color LED electronic screens is very popular now. We can see full-color LED electronic screens everywhere when we go to shopping malls and gymnasiums. We all know that installing LED electronic screens requires a large power supply as power supply Demand, then energy saving has become a problem for many customers of LED full-color display screens, but many friends are worried about the energy-saving effect of full-color LED electronic screens, so how to realize energy-saving full-color LED electronic screens, next, the technical staff of the United Huiye Let me tell you about the relevant knowledge points about full-color LED electronic screens. The following are the energy-saving methods of full-color LED electronic screens: 1. Improve LED power supply: This plays an important role in the energy saving of full-color LED electronic screens. The current full-color LED electronic screens directly use half-bridge or full-bridge high-efficiency switching power supplies , coupled with the remarkable energy-saving effect of synchronous rectification, the power supply voltage is reduced as much as possible in the state of constant current for the driver IC, and a better energy-saving effect is achieved by separate power supply for the red, green and blue dies. 2. In the structural design method: Since the full-color LED electronic screen is outside, it will be affected by environmental factors, such as air humidity, air salinity, etc., so the structural design of our full-color LED electronic screen needs to take these into account in order to Save maintenance cost and realize energy saving and consumption reduction.

3. Adjust the brightness of the full-color LED electronic screen: The LED display itself uses energy-saving materials, but the full-color LED electronic screen has a large area and consumes more power, so we need to adjust the full-color LED electronic screen according to changes in the environment brightness. The above is the knowledge about how full-color LED electronic screens can save energy. The area of ​​full-color LED display screens is generally tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters or even larger. It has high brightness and a large viewing angle and can work in the sun. Excellent windproof, rainproof and waterproof functions. Professional LED display boutique manufacturing! Consulting hotline: 4007-888-185 .

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