Full-color LED electronic screen software makes screen operation more flexible


"Full-color LED electronic screen software makes screen operation more flexible" Full-color LED electronic screen hardware is the foundation, software is the soul, and software plays an important role in what functions you want to achieve. With the development of networking, clustering and individualization of full-color LED electronic screens, people resonate with the flexible operation of full-color LED electronic screens. At present, the WeChat operation and GPRS remote operation that appear on the market provide a lot of convenience for the temporary information change of the full-color LED electronic screen.

For full-color LED electronic screen companies, today's competition is increasingly fierce and product homogeneity is serious. At present, the main products in the market still rely on hardware equipment to obtain profits, comparing quality and price. With the continuous improvement and development of technology, The technical threshold of hardware is gradually being overcome. The era of hardware as king has passed, and the focus of competition among full-color LED electronic screen companies is also quietly shifting. In addition to hardware equipment, all full-color LED electronic screen companies have increased their focus on The investment in software and the profit model are slowly changing. In the modern information society, display products and technologies as information visual communication media have developed rapidly, and full-color LED electronic screens, as the leading product of flat panel display, have become mainstream products in the display field in the 21st century. Today, with the maturity of technology, small-pitch full-color LED electronic screens have sprung up suddenly, and the hardware strength of LED companies is constantly accumulating to dominate the industrial structure of full-color LED electronic screens.

Looking at the current full-color LED electronic screen market, it is really "a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend". There are all kinds of products, and it seems that there is nothing impossible but unexpected, but many products lack the soft power support of enterprises. Such as service and after-sales maintenance, which makes full-color LED electronic screens more but not strong, and the wooden barrel effect is obviously prominent. I once discussed the development of the industry with practitioners in the industry. It is generally believed that the full-color LED electronic screen hardware market is already saturated, and large companies are seeking higher technological breakthroughs. Compared with large companies, small-pitch OLEDs have the ability and The research and development of new-generation display technology by capital is different; small and medium-sized enterprises lack capital and cycle to be the leader of the industry to taste the soup, and can gain a solid foothold in the saturated full-color LED electronic screen market, and the service may be better. A breakthrough. There is no strong strength to make a breakthrough in hardware, but it can win with "softness", and softness can overcome rigidity.

Good service should be the basics that full-color LED electronic screen companies should follow as a consumer and market-oriented company. However, due to the expansion and development of the market, companies only focus on the production and sales of hardware products and ignore the supporting services. A whole service. Now it is just saving it again and slowly shaping a complete service system. Furthermore, from the market point of view, with the expansion of the overall scale of the display industry, consumers have higher and higher software requirements for LED products. In addition to quality, service, after-sales and the software they carry, they have become the criteria for consideration. The most basic display function can no longer meet the demand.

If full-color LED electronic screen manufacturers want to be able to keep pace with the ever-changing market changes, they must jump out of the circle of hardware equipment, survey the development of the industry, and build a structure that combines both software and hardware is the future development trend of full-color LED electronic screen companies. Hardware is the foundation of full-color LED electronic screens, while software determines the future development prospects of the full-color LED electronic screen industry. There are only product hardware but no harmony of soft power, and the development of LED display companies is also getting bigger and bigger.


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