Full-color LED large screen software shortcomings need to be improved


"Full-color LED large-screen software shortcomings need to be improved" China is currently a major manufacturer of LED large screens. The annual output value of LED large screens exported from China is nearly 68 billion US dollars, accounting for more than 76% of the world's total LED large screen production. GM Today's LED large screens are mainly advertising and broadcasting, and the requirements for software are not high. LED large screen manufacturers should tap the market potential and develop more functional heights based on a user's personal experience. Hardware is the foundation of LED large screens, while software determines the future development prospects of the LED large screen industry. With the improvement of science and technology and technological progress, the LED large screen industry has also achieved considerable development, and various LED large screen technologies and products emerge in endlessly.

So, what new changes will appear in the LED large screen industry in 2017? Now, with the maturity of technology, small-pitch LED large screens have emerged suddenly, and the hardware strength of LED manufacturers is constantly accumulating. In the future, the two major mainstreams of LED large screen manufacturers will develop together. If LED manufacturers want to be able to keep up with the ever-changing pace of market changes, they must jump out of the circle of hardware equipment, survey the development of the industry, and build a structure that combines both software and hardware is the future of LED large screen manufacturers. development trend. There are only product hardware but no harmony of soft power, and the development of LED large screen manufacturers is also growing with a gap in length.

Furthermore, from the market point of view, with the expansion of the overall scale of the display industry, consumers have higher and higher software requirements for LED products. In addition to quality, service, after-sales and the software they carry, they have become the criteria for consideration. The most basic display function can no longer meet the demand. In the modern information society, display products and technologies as information visual communication media have developed rapidly. LED large screens, as the leading product of flat panel display, have become the mainstream products in the display field in the 21st century. According to the data of China's LED industry market operation and industrial development trend research report from 2016 to 2021, looking at the current LED large-screen market, it is really "a hundred flowers blooming and a hundred schools of thought contending". Unexpectedly, many LED large screen products lack the soft power support of LED large screen system manufacturers, such as service and after-sales maintenance, which makes LED large screens more but not strong, and the wooden barrel effect is obviously prominent.

I have discussed the development of the industry with practitioners in the industry. It is generally believed that the display hardware market is already saturated, and large manufacturers are seeking higher technological breakthroughs, such as small pitch and OLED; compared with large manufacturers, they have the ability and capital to carry out The research and development of the new generation of display technology is different; small and medium-sized manufacturers lack the capital and cycle to become the industry leader and try their first taste of the soup, so as to gain a solid foothold in the saturated market, service or a better breakthrough. There is no strong strength to make a breakthrough in hardware, but it can win with "softness", and softness can overcome rigidity. For LED large screen manufacturers, today's competition is increasingly fierce and product homogeneity is serious. At present, the main products in the market still rely on hardware equipment to obtain profits, comparing quality and price. With the continuous improvement and development of technology, the quality of hardware The technical threshold is gradually being overcome. The era of hardware as king is over, and the competition focus of LED large screen manufacturers is also quietly shifting. In addition to hardware equipment, all manufacturers have increased investment in software, and the profit model is also changing. is slowly changing.

Good service should be the basics that LED large screen manufacturers should follow as a consumer and market-oriented manufacturer. However, due to the expansion and development of the market, manufacturers only focus on the production and sales of hardware products and ignore the entire supporting system. services. Now it is just saving it again and slowly shaping a complete service system. In the future, the two major mainstreams of LED large screen manufacturers will cooperate to lead the new trend of industry development: new changes in the development of the LED large screen industry, and "customization" has become a new direction for industry development. As we all know, in recent years, industry customized products and solutions have become more and more popular. Market welcome.

In 2017, this market trend became more obvious. Whether it is upstream packaging, peripheral supporting manufacturers (chips, power supplies, control manufacturers, etc.) or downstream terminal screen companies, almost all of their products carry "customization" "color, it is not difficult to see that the current industry's "routine" products have become less and less popular, and "customized" products are gradually becoming the "darling" of the market. The popularity of small-pitch LED large screens goes hand in hand in outdoors and indoors. You can almost see small-pitch LED large screens at major exhibitions in recent years, and they are the highlight of many manufacturers' displays. Small-pitch LED large screens with high-definition picture quality and seamless splicing are a trend in market development, and integrated solutions centered on it are bringing tremendous changes to the entire industry.

In this process, we can clearly see that the current level of small-pitch technology in the industry has risen significantly, and both the display effect and the user experience of the product have been greatly improved. LED rental screens are becoming more and more popular. Major LED rental screen manufacturers have also made a lot of efforts in terms of product safety, stability, and ease of installation and maintenance. LED rental screens are becoming more and more popular. The development of the performing arts and entertainment market is closely related to the development of LED rental screens. In 2016, major activities in the performing arts and entertainment circles continued. While driving economic development, the LED large screen rental market also flourished.

Transparent LED large screens lead the new trend of industry development. In recent years, we can see that transparent LED large screens are gradually rising. Its high-transparency, light-transmitting and perspective display effects can be described as a hit with the glass curtain wall. Once launched, it has been well received. The pursuit and love of the market. The major transparent LED large-screen manufacturers represented by Oreda have increased their investment in this field, and made great achievements in 2016. To sum up, with the rapid development of LED technology, small-pitch LED large screens and LED transparent screens have also begun to be widely used in various fields.

In an increasingly competitive domestic market environment, many manufacturers have expanded their international markets and paid more attention to the brand market and product innovation and research and development capabilities. I believe that in the future, the LED large screen industry will definitely present a good situation of "a hundred flowers blooming and a hundred schools of thought contending". .

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