Full-color LED rental screen needs to lay a solid foundation


"Full-color LED rental screens need to lay a solid foundation" I believe everyone is familiar with LED rental screens. When participating in friends' weddings, outdoor concerts, large-scale events, press conferences, exhibitions and other places, there will basically be LED rental screens. , due to the relatively rapid economic development in China, some high-tech products including LED rental screens have become standard products. The feature of the LED rental screen is that it can be quickly assembled and disassembled. Because it is equipped with an aviation head, it can be quickly connected. The current small-pitch full-color LED rental screen is even more powerful, with bright and lifelike colors, which can vividly restore the atmosphere of the scene. The audience at the scene seems to be on the scene, and the LED rental screen adds brilliant colors to some activities of the merchants. LED rental screens are widely used in various singing and dancing events, evening parties, press conferences, concerts and other places due to their advantages of convenient and quick installation and delicate, clear, vivid and diverse pictures. Seeing that the rental market is "on fire", various In order to occupy the rental market, large-color LED rental screen companies are scrambling to engage in new technology development and new product research and development. Full-color LED rental screens are gearing up to take advantage of the momentum, but some problems will follow...Building a solid foundation for LED rental screens Product: If you want to do this, you must work hard on the product: At present, most LED rental screens are emphasizing and highlighting their four characteristics of portability, thinness, seamless splicing and shockproof, so for full-color LED rental screens In addition to the general requirements for full-color LED rental screens, full-color LED rental screens for rental also need to meet a series of special requirements in order to meet the needs and usage habits of rental customers; in addition to ensuring product quality, the introduction of high stability, Products with standardized specifications, high-definition display, high density, and high adaptability can also launch high-end rental products and customized services for the high-end market. Only when the products are guaranteed can the full-color LED rental screen industry move towards healthy development and maturity. change. Operation: In terms of full-color LED rental screens, integrate rental resources and channels, optimize their own industrial chain structure, save costs and at the same time achieve further development; and for terminal display rental companies at the end of the entire rental business, It is very important to "emphasize service, focus on design and light on capital, and light on procurement." It is recommended that domestic LED rental screen companies choose high-quality full-color LED rental screen manufacturer resources and platforms, and use the form of "borrowing + renting" to complete rental performances business; of course the most important thing is - no more "price war"! In addition, domestic LED rental screen manufacturers can learn from foreign development models: some well-known overseas LED rental screen manufacturers develop and design innovative LED rental screen products, and determine LED rental screen projects based on products. Instead of overthrowing their own products completely, automatically giving up the initiative, and reducing full-color LED rental screen manufacturers to pure "coolies". The current status of LED rental screens The LED rental screen market has undergone the previous "white-hot" competition. The market in first-tier cities is basically saturated, and the market in second- and third-tier cities has a certain increase. At the beginning of the development of small spacing, although the display effect has made a qualitative leap, it also increased the rental cost accordingly. Therefore, although the small spacing stimulated the development of the rental market, it also slowed down the explosion of the rental market. Until recently, the cost of small spacing The decline of the rental market began to "shine". At the same time, LED rental screen manufacturers have grown from more than a dozen at the earliest to now numerous large and small, and the overall strength is uneven, causing some inferior products to flow to the market, blackening the image of full-color LED rental screens and reducing the credibility of the industry. In addition, the payment cycle has also been delayed from the initial spot settlement to the present...The capital chain of screen companies is becoming increasingly tense, and the invisible payment situation such as staged payment and operating profit sharing is becoming more and more serious. hinder the development of the rental market. .

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