Full-color LED screen competition intensifies


"Full-color LED screen competition is intensifying" full-color LED screens are growing with market demand, and the increasing density of LED screens has led to tight supply of LED lamp beads. In the future, the price of full-color LED screens will further rise. Now many engineering companies have recognized Up to this point, when there is an order for full-color LED screens, the price of the LED screen must be further determined. In recent years, with the continuous breakthrough of full-color LED screen technology and the maturity of products, full-color LED screens with more high-definition and more realistic colors have rapidly expanded in the market due to their many advantages, and with their tenacious market adaptability , Continuously penetrate into the commercial and civilian fields. Based on the analysis of the development of the industry in 2016, at the beginning of 2016, the development of the full-color LED screen industry was relatively flat, and the trend was even a little sluggish. , Many large and medium-sized enterprises have gained new opportunities for development. They have expanded new fields, strengthened product innovation and corporate brand building, and stepped out of the domestic market to build a broader overseas market. This series of actions promoted the full-color LED screen industry in 2016. The transformation in the second half of the year will reverse the development situation.

The rental market has huge room for improvement. With the help of the splicing and disassembly features of full-color LED screens, it can be called the "guerrilla" of full-color LED screens. The rental screen modules are characterized by easy "disassembly and assembly" and can be assembled and combined into various The display mode of the style has high requirements for customization. It is often displayed on the background of the stage, party and other effects to present a shocking audio-visual sense to people. As a powerful device for shaping the atmosphere of the current stage, the culture, entertainment and sports industries are rapidly Development. In recent years, the rental screen market has developed rapidly, but the market performance is chaotic and the product quality is lacking. In 2016, there have been many rental screen collapse accidents, exposing the disadvantages of the rental market. Influenced by the development of the market, the rental screen market is promising in the future, and with the popularity of small-pitch full-color LED screens, higher-end rental screens in the future will be able to present a higher and more perfect stage atmosphere. The indoor display market continues to usher in new application fields. As the current main application position of surface-mounted full-color LED screen products, the pitch of indoor full-color LED screens has developed downward from the early main P7 and P5. At present, P3 and P4 have become indoor display screens. Mainstream display, and small-pitch full-color LED screens below P2.5 rose strongly in 2016. Various ultra-high-definition full-color LED screen products below P2 began to appear one after another, and their displays have reached 4K effects. The full-color LED screens of related companies TVs have begun to be launched in the high-end market. At the same time, major lamp bead manufacturers are expanding their production on a large scale. In the future, a larger scale of full-color LED screen production is worth looking forward to. It is worth noting that with the recent investment and construction of major semiconductor chip factories in China In the future, the core chip technology will be greatly improved, and the full-color LED screen spacing technology will be further broken through. The more high-definition full-color LED screen is an indisputable reality. Due to the decline in prices, the current indoor commercial and civilian market penetration development has begun. And under the combined application of emerging hot technologies such as AR/VR and naked-eye 3D, with the characteristics of small-pitch full-color LED screens, the market space is huge. Generally speaking, the domestic display market of full-color LED screens with small spacing as the leader will become an important manifestation of the market potential of full-color LED screens.

In 2016, the LED display industry transformed and developed. Lianhe Huiye, which has always been popular in channels, insisted on its new channel marketing model, and comprehensively constructed and developed flagship stores and thousands of "double stores". At present, it has completed and There are dozens of flagship stores under construction, covering 23 regions, and the cumulative number of thousand store image experience centers has accumulated more than 2,000, actively building its "three-kilometer service circle". building"Thousands of cities and thousands of points customer service network", plans to set up offices and operation centers in cities at all levels across the country to realize"Customer needs - customer service"Face-to-face and zero-distance solutions, and relying on this to form a sales + service integration"Thousands of cities and thousands of points service system". Thanks to the continuous improvement of full-color LED screen technology and products, the audience and application fields of full-color LED screens continue to expand. On the other hand, in order to further improve the distribution system and spread the full-color LED screens in a wider area of ​​use, various full-color LED screen companies in the industry have begun to strengthen the construction of sales outlets.

At present, United Huiye Optoelectronics has established 17 operation centers across the country, and will cover 28 cities across the country in 2016, and each place can establish an operation center. In addition, Mingchang Optoelectronics has established offices or direct sales points in Beijing, Wuhan, Shandong, Xi'an, Guangxi, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, etc., improving the national sales network. According to media forecasts, in 2017, the full-color LED screen industry will not only make great strides in traditional display screens, but also many full-color LED screen segments will have greater business opportunities and achievements.

In addition, some fields on the edge of full-color LED screens have attracted much attention in 2016, including smart cities, Internet of Things, VR/AR applications, etc. Intelligent full-color LED screens will become a major branch of industry development in 2017, driving all parties Win-win cooperation, to achieve the dual goals of product technology and application market expansion. At present, the small-pitch full-color LED screen industry is showing explosive growth, and the supply is in short supply. The market for small-pitch LEDs to replace DLP and other splicing screens is in full swing. Against this background, many full-color LED screen companies have begun to seek business transformation and upgrading.

Among them, Lehman (300162) and Lianjian Optoelectronics (300269) have carried out relatively successful explorations in the fields of sports and media respectively. However, Leyard's 100-billion civilian market is just starting, and will continue to maintain its leading edge, expand production capacity, strengthen channel construction, and achieve rapid growth in the small-pitch market. In the market segment of full-color LED screens, outdoor media, rental market and indoor display have remarkable characteristics and show amazing development potential.

The products show an obvious trend of spreading from first-tier cities to second- and third-tier cities, and are widely used in bustling streets, stations, shopping malls, landmark buildings, activity centers, etc. It is worth noting that in 2016, the small-pitch market showed a booming scene, and its outdoor application trend is obvious. Taking the emerging light pole screen as an example, through the combination of lighting, Internet, video monitoring, information release and other system technologies, The formation of a smart street light system has become the focus of media attention in the construction of a smart city. It is conceivable that with the help of the construction of a smart transportation system, we will see a light pole screen system that integrates information such as advertisements, major emergencies, and travel weather. The great convenience brought to urban residents has caused a revolution in the way of foreign media, and the market space is huge. Full-color LED screens lead the new image of the outdoor media market. As a sudden emergence of full-color LED screens in the outdoor media market, with the continuous breakthroughs in packaging technology and spacing technology, full-color LED screens have appeared more and more frequently in our field of vision. With its high brightness, wide viewing angle, and adjustable screen area, it has gradually replaced traditional advertising information such as single billboards and light boxes, and has become a new force in outdoor advertising media that has attracted much attention.

The emergence of a new distribution model, with the implementation of the Taishan large screen project of United Huiye, creates a new distribution service model. The Taishan large screen is mainly composed of United Huiye headquarters, provincial brand operator Wanjia Runtai, and thousands of stores service provider Shandong Wanlong It is a new distribution model jointly created by various strategic partners. This distribution model will combine Huiye headquarters, provincial brand operator Qiandian service providers, and the three parties will jointly connect service users, from pre-sale plan formulation to business bidding , to the tracking of goods in sale, installation preparation, to the formal delivery and acceptance of the project, and then to after-sales maintenance and use, fully realize the localized service within 3 kilometers! It completely breaks the mode of direct project bidding by manufacturers, and promotes the full-color LED screen industry from coverage The extremely "professional profiteering era" has fully shifted to the "commercial service era" with extremely wide coverage. Every end user can buy it, afford it, and use it with confidence, and truly bring users convenient, caring, and timely ultimate services. experience. With the rise of the Internet, the traditional marketing activities of companies relying on experience and feelings have gradually changed. Some screen companies have begun to develop online e-commerce sales methods. More and more companies have begun to expand their business from traditional sales channels to online platforms. Some companies choose to rely on powerful third-party platforms, such as Taobao, JD.com, etc. A few companies have established a network wholesale and retail system on Taobao and Tmall, and actively explored the construction of e-commerce channels. So far, they have network agents There are more than 300 merchants. Some companies choose to build their own online sales platform, such as building or developing mobile app applications, and launch online discount stores, mainly selling low-end products at special prices.

Looking at the development trend of full-color LED screens, due to the continuous breakthroughs in the core technologies of full-color LED screens such as "pitch" and "packaging", ultra-high-definition display and full-color LED screens with high color reproduction are bound to be the development trend of full-color LED screens. The enhancement of display performance will directly lead to the penetration of full-color LED screens in all directions of the market. In the future, the application areas of full-color LED screens will be wider. The city is sinking towards the second and third tier cities. In 2016, full-color LED screen companies' active layout of the channel market is a new development requirement for full-color LED screen companies put forward by the new development trend of the full-color LED screen market. The characteristics of the product itself, in the future we will have a glimpse of the diversified development of full-color LED screen channels. Analysis of the development trend of full-color LED screens in 2017. With the arrival of 2017, the full-color LED screen industry still shows a continuous development momentum. With the price increase of raw materials and the update of display products, the expansion of the market and the active response of enterprises , In 2017, the leading enterprises in the full-color LED screen industry will show the situation of the big ones, and the accelerated reshuffle and integration of the industry will also become the general trend.

Overall, the full-color LED screen industry in 2017 will still be full of opportunities and challenges. The new industrial situation, diversified products, subdivision and expansion of extension fields will all become new forces in the full-color LED screen industry. Since the development of the full-color LED screen industry, the reshuffle of the industry has continued for many years. The current full-color LED screen industry is in a stage of development and improvement. Its industry structure of "the strong are not strong, and the weak are not weak" has not been obtained. Fundamental changes, industry concentration needs to be further strengthened.


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