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Glass full-color LED display can be used in hotels, chain stores, shopping malls, large hairdressing chains, airports, photography studios and other places with a lot of traffic, and can perfectly display specific effects. Because the glass full-color LED display is transparent and displayable, it gives people a sense of mystery and a sense of technology. Glass full-color LED display (PowerGlass) uses LED as the light source to form specific patterns, images, videos, logos, etc., and put them into the glass, and the photoelectric art glass produced presents a shining new look. Full-color LED display is what we often hear in our daily life, so is the glass full-color LED display familiar to us? In fact, we often come into contact with it in daily life, but we may not pay attention to it. So what is a glass LED full-color display? Features of the glass full-color LED display: It can be made flat or curved to meet the needs of users. A variety of colors, a variety of materials. It is energy-saving, generous and trendy for lighting. The power consumption of internal LED is only 10% of that of ordinary lighting, and 50% less than that of neon lights. It is a safe building material with the characteristics of anti-compression and anti-riot. The full-color LED display has the same transparency as natural glass and is durable. Can design pattern and luminous change effect arbitrarily, the effect is dazzling and changeable. The advantages of glued glass are retained, and the special effect of light inside the glass is added to enhance the practicality, artistry and appreciation of the glass. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving material. It is the perfect combination of LED and glass, and it is also waterproof, anti-ultraviolet and so on. The manufacturing process of LED full-color display and the quality of the whole product meet the legal requirements for safety. Because the light source is embedded in the inner space of the glass, the protection level is extremely high, and it can be ideally used in outdoor environments, and can produce curved and deformed photoelectric art glass according to needs. The circuit is embedded in the multi-layer glass, which not only achieves complete transparency, but also does not have the problem of exposed wires, and the transparent circuit in the glass cannot be seen. The circuit is conducted through the conductive transparent circuit in the glass interlayer, which is a high-tech product. Under the application of high technology, the LED light source is integrated with the transparent glass, and the patterns or characters arranged on the full-color LED display screen can be displayed statically, or through the programming of the controller, the effect of jumping, flickering or fading in and out can be produced. Through DMX intelligent control, the transition between dynamic and static is realized to realize the digital control of the effect change of glass products. The technology can be applied to a variety of different glasses, such as tempered glass, ultra-clear glass, printed sandblasted glass, colored glass, etc., combined with the special light effect of photoelectric art glass, making it a diversified photoelectric art glass product. The glass full-color LED display has high moisture resistance, not only can be made into different shapes, but also can drill and install holes on the product according to the design requirements, which is convenient for the later construction and installation of LED photoelectric art glass. Decorative applications: In addition to fashion trends and aesthetics and practicality, there is also a deeper level of artistic enjoyment. Lighting applications: Follow the technological concept of green and environmental protection, and maintain a high degree of energy saving while lighting. The changing lights jump and flicker through the transparent glass, like a landscape painting that suddenly comes alive, stretching vitality among the flowing clouds and flowing water. Glass LED full-color display is widely used in various design and application fields, such as home furnishing, construction, lighting, decoration, other product fields, etc. It can be said that it has penetrated into all aspects of our lives, so How could we not be familiar with our products! .

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