Good appearance of LED screen


When the LED screen is delivered, how to check the quality of the LED screen and the box through the appearance and size? The appearance and size meet the standards, and the display screen with fine workmanship can achieve the smallest gap when splicing, and can also protect the screen to the maximum extent. How to detect the LED screen body? Appearance inspection Generally, visual inspection and hand feeling can preliminarily see whether there is a problem with the LED screen body. Coating adhesion: there should be no shedding phenomenon; Screen screen: whether the color is consistent, or there is a phenomenon of color cast, or even not bright; Silk screen appearance: the silk screen content should be clear, complete, uniform in color, free of burrs, Defects, smearing, and pollution; the specific content, position, pattern and font size of all silk screens are described in detail by the corresponding drawings, and the manufacturer strictly follows the silk screen design requirements of the drawings; the color is in line with the model (normal vision under natural light or fluorescent lamps) There is no obvious color difference in observation); There is no color difference in the same batch of products (Note: Color difference includes color and gloss); The surface of the coating is smooth, flat and uniform, and must not have the following defects: non-drying and sticking, particles, bottom leakage, pitting, hair loss Flowers, wrinkling, mechanical damage; How to detect the LED cabinet? There are many methods for cabinet inspection, generally used: vernier caliper, tape measure, level ruler. Box inspection requirements: inspectors must strictly follow the designer’s drawings to inspect incoming materials one by one to check whether there are missing or missing processed parts. The box inspection should pay attention to the following issues: The difference between the two diagonals is not more than 1mm. Check whether the burrs are removed, whether the sharp corners are blunt, and no scratching or pricking of hands is allowed. All nuts and nut columns must be threaded back to ensure that the screws can be locked in smoothly. Check whether the overall assembly requirements of the LED box are processed according to the drawings. Each accessory (such as locks and hinges) must use existing standard parts, and its mechanical strength and sealing performance must be guaranteed during assembly. The welding of each welding part of the box body must be firm, free of false welding, missing welding, etc. The welding points must be smoothed, and the welding seam needs to be scraped. The treatment process must be strictly standardized. The weld seam must be ground and sealed to be waterproof, smooth and flat without sharp angles. After the punching and welding of the LED module holes, the flatness of the front should be guaranteed, and the surrounding panels must not be warped or deformed, and the flatness error is less than 1MM; the size of the positioning holes on the front panel of the box is strictly controlled, and the hole size and hole distance error 0.1mm; the X and Y directions of the axis of the hole group should be on the same straight line, and the straight lines should be perpendicular to the edge of the box, and the perpendicularity should be less than 1mm. .

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