High-definition LED full-color electronic screen occupies the absolute market within two years


"High-definition LED full-color electronic screens will occupy the absolute market within 2 years" With the development of the times and the improvement of people's living standards, people put forward higher requirements for the display effect of display devices. LED full-color electronic screens with clear images and high color reproduction LED screens are favored by people nowadays, and it is also the development trend of LED full-color screens in the future. In the field of LED display screens, high-definition LED full-color electronic screens are taking on such a mission, and after technological development in recent years, they are spreading rapidly in the market. In this sense, the outdoor market, where the traditional in-line LED full-color electronic screen is the mainstream, will also be the territory for high-definition LED full-color electronic screens to enter. After two or three years of preparations, HD LED is expected to usher in an explosive period in 2016. High-definition LEDs have established a number of benchmark cases in government agencies, military security, radio and television broadcasting, video conferencing and other fields in the domestic market, and overseas markets have given full acceptance of high-definition LEDs with practical actions. In the face of a promising market, how do industry giants lay out their plans? Capacity expansion to meet the dividends of high-definition LEDs Facing the rapidly growing industry dividends in the future, United Huiye Technology will greatly increase the production capacity of high-definition LEDs to welcome the growth dividends of the high-definition LED industry. At the same time, actively upgrade high-definition LED products, and take the lead in launching the UHQ series in the industry to realize the intelligent application of high-definition LED electronic screens. After the LED industry experienced explosive growth from 2008 to 2010, with the continuous influx of a large amount of capital from inside and outside the industry, the competition in the entire industry was very fierce from 2011 to 2013, and the industry underwent a round of major cleanup from 2014 to 2016. As a result, many enterprises have fallen down one after another, and the development of the LED industry has entered a slowdown stage. With the increase of industrial concentration, the integration and mergers and acquisitions in the industry continue to heat up, and the development model of the ecological circle is popular. In 2016, like a dark horse, VR technology was born out of nowhere and quickly hit the market. VR technology seems to be born for the animation, game industry, and entertainment industry, and these are also important profitable industries in the LED full-color electronic screen industry chain. VR technology requires extremely high realistic experience of the scene, and high-definition LED full-color electronic screen With high-definition resolution, seamless connection, clear and smooth picture, etc., it undoubtedly has natural advantages. The combination of high-definition LED full-color electronic screen and VR in the future is extremely exciting. Recently, with the birth of high-definition LED display, it marks that LED display technology has officially entered various indoor application fields. In the future, high-definition LED display technology will quickly enter indoor applications within a few years by virtue of its advantages such as seamless splicing technology, excellent display effects, continuous semiconductor technology progress, and consequently falling costs. Such as professional indoor large-screen display, business conference and education field, high-end home TV market, and ordinary indoor large-screen display. With the continuous sharp drop in cost and price and the continuous improvement of display effect, the high-definition LED full-color electronic screen industry has shown explosive growth, and the supply has begun to exceed demand. The market for high-definition LED to replace DLP and other splicing screens is in full swing (currently only about 20%) , the commercial market has begun to explode, and the 100 billion civilian market is starting. The general trend of the high-definition LED industry has been repeatedly confirmed by the industry and the capital market. It is expected that the compound growth rate of the high-definition LED industry in the next three years is expected to exceed 60%. High-definition LED full-color electronic screen maintains a high degree of prosperity. With the improvement of high-definition LED cost performance, the application in the government army, security monitoring, traffic monitoring and even conference display and other commercial markets is gradually promoted. The market space is further opened, and there is still a large market in the future Expansion capacity. The rapid growth of orders for high-definition LED full-color electronic screens has become a major source of driving force for growth. High-definition LED has been created with precision manufacturing technology, and the high-definition LED display market has seen a blowout growth. This trend has also attracted more industrial forces to actively deploy the high-definition LED market. Relying on the precision manufacturing experience from the most basic metal parts, circuit boards, semiconductor-related processes and other products to the complete machine, Lianhe Huiye has realized the counterattack and rise of the high-definition LED screen market. .

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