High-definition LED full-color screen to display corporate style


"High-definition LED full-color screen display corporate style" Recently, the P1.923 LED full-color screen produced by United Huiye Technology has been applied to the exhibition hall on the first floor of Hebi Demonstration Zone, which has laid a good foundation for the development of government propaganda work. In the past two years, the small-pitch LED full-color screen It has started to become hot, and there are many applications in hotels, video conferencing, and security, and small-pitch LED full-color screens usher in new opportunities for development. At present, there are still many challenges facing the development of small-pitch LED full-color screens. The first is stability, the second is the dead light rate, the third is that the spacing is getting smaller and smaller, the fourth is cost, the fifth is energy saving and environmental protection, and the sixth is Service life, etc., United Huiye Shenzhen R&D and production base is working hard to make these better and more perfect. As an industry-leading micro-pitch LED full-color screen enterprise, United Huiye has industry-leading production equipment, high-efficiency and high-quality assembly lines and Complete supporting workshop facilities, such as high-speed placement machine for micro-pitch LED full-color screen, large-scale reflow soldering, precision three-proof spraying equipment, LED high-definition micro-pitch special packaging line, precision inspection line, high-efficiency assembly line, dedicated aging for LED full-color screen Lines and other international and domestic excellent instruments and equipment, R&D concepts and work efficiency are also well-known in the industry, new technologies and new products are constantly emerging: micro-pitch products below P2.0: such as P0.9 small-pitch LED, P1. 2 High-density small-pitch, P1.4 small-pitch, P1.6 small-pitch LED full-color screens, P1.8 small-pitch LED full-color screens have achieved large-scale mass production, and the drive for active innovation and innovation is sufficient, becoming a micro-pitch LED full-color screen line The definer of the control system. It is precisely these conditions that Lianhuiye won the 2016 "Small-pitch LED Brand" award. As a high-end display product, Lianhuiye LED full-color screen quickly entered high-end indoor broadcasting studios, dispatching command centers, and monitoring centers. The application site, the product can quickly realize the scale, which has played a good role in the sustainable development of the industry.

Lianhe Huiye P1.8 micro-pitch LED full-color screen is widely used in government squares, political and legal justice, convention and exhibition centers, large entertainment plazas, intelligent command centers, etc. In the application of monitoring centers such as public security and smart cities, small-pitch LED full-color screens have become the preferred technology for central main screens. The characteristic of the monitoring center application is that there are huge multi-channel signal sources from the monitoring probe, which are generally displayed on both sides of the central main screen, and each signal is displayed as a small screen.

When you need to focus on a certain video signal, or when there is an emergency situation such as an alarm on a certain channel, you need to connect the signal to the central main screen to view the details. In addition, the central main screen is used for command and dispatch, and is used for dispatch and deployment. Recently, the P1.8 micro-pitch LED full-color screen in the hall on the first floor of Hebi Demonstration Zone was perfectly completed. The entire full-color screen is 6.24 meters (length) × 2.16 meters (height), with a display area of ​​13.26m2. It has video broadcasting functions and information release functions. Network remote centralized control and other functions.

The micro-pitch LED full-color screen helps the visualization of the Weifang Organization Committee. At present, the mainstream professional indoor full-color screen display technologies mainly include DLP rear projection splicing, LCD splicing, projection and fusion technologies, each of which has its own advantages and inevitable defects, occupying different types of indoor full-color screens. The screen shows the field of application. With its unique advantages, the small-pitch LED display technology will enter the field of indoor full-color screen display and realize the replacement of all or part of the original technology.

In high-end application fields such as command rooms and control rooms, the small-pitch LED display technology is completely seamless and can maintain display consistency for a long time. The P1.8 micro-pitch LED full-color screen of Changge City People's Court Information System Centralized Control Center undertaken by United Huiye is committed to providing customers with innovative and excellent products, services and solutions that meet their needs. Our products and solutions cover P0.9/1.2/1.4/1.8/2.0/2.5... and other indoor high-end LED full-color screens, with its leading technology, easy-to-use functions, personalized design and diversified solutions It is trusted by customers around the world and widely praised.

In addition, the company stated that the product development and market development of its optical film business are also being carried out in an orderly manner. A variety of mid-to-high-end products have been successfully developed, and high-end large customers have been successfully accumulated and sold in batches. In the future, the optical film business will have a considerable room for development and become a new profit growth point for the company. According to the company's introduction, as a strategic new business, the company is committed to providing customers with professional small-pitch LED full-color screen solutions. The products are used in indoor large-screen display, business conferences and education fields, cinemas and projection halls, etc.

At present, the company's products have been mass-produced and sold. United Huiye Technology said in a survey by Penghua Fund and other institutions on the 10th that the market demand for small-pitch LED full-color screens has shown a rapid growth trend, and the company's small-pitch LED full-color screen business is progressing relatively smoothly. production speed, which will become the company's new profitable business. .

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