High-definition LED screen ushers in a new wave of development opportunities


High-definition LED screens are attracting more and more attention from merchants and industry veterans, and their development potential is huge. With the development of security monitoring, video conferencing, data display, intelligent development of educational institutions and the popularization of 5G networks, high-definition LED screens will definitely be used in the display field Shine bright. As users have higher and higher requirements for the display effect of high-definition LED screens, high-definition LED screens with P1.2-P1.6 and smaller pitches below P1.1 will usher in new development opportunities in the future. It is estimated that 2018-2022 The average annual compound growth rate of the year is 32% and 62% respectively. With the improvement of the maturity of LED lamp bead packaging technology, the application of smaller LED lamp beads in the future will be gradually completed in commercial and even civilian applications.

In the context of the Internet of Everything and smart cities, the function of high-definition LED screens is no longer limited to "one-way communication", but turns to the stage of "intelligent interaction". Small-pitch LED displays will become the interaction center between people and data, providing users with Bring scene-based and immersive experience. With the continuous innovation of products, high-definition LED screens have great market potential in commercial display fields such as conference rooms, education, shopping malls, and cinemas. The market competition is gradually changing to new technology, high performance, high-definition LED screens, adapting to various environmental installations, and production efficiency.

After years of development of LED screens, the current domestic LED display industry has entered a new stage of development. From the initial extensive competition to the competition of comprehensive strength represented by capital, talents and technology, the decisive factors of enterprise comprehensive strength and LED display brand competition are gradually strengthened. With the development of the industry in the future, enterprises with strong brand influence and strong comprehensive advantages will enjoy higher brand premiums, gain more customer recognition, and further concentrate their market share on advantageous enterprises.


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