How many watts does the LED display have


How many watts the LED display has is a technical parameter. The LED display is seamlessly spliced ​​by many small modules. Different specifications and models have different sizes of LED modules, different scanning methods, and different natural power supply currents, so the LED display is accurately calculated. How many watts are needed. The power supply current of one module of the outdoor LED display will be larger. Because in the face of strong ultraviolet brightness, it needs to be greater than the illuminance to clearly display videos, pictures and text information.

LED display screens are divided into small distance and large distance. The density of LED lamp beads per square meter is also different, so the density is not high. For example, the power supply current of a single module of P10 and P8led display is relatively large, and the distance is small, such as P3led display A module with a larger screen density has a smaller current. The wattage of a single module of an indoor LED display is much smaller than that of an outdoor LED display. The first is that the indoor LED display distance is very small, and the number of LED lamp beads per square meter ranges from 40,000 to hundreds of thousands, and other indoor environments are also used.

The LED display does not need such a high brightness, so the power supply current of an LED is less than 4A, that is, within 20W. We made an accurate calculation. In the wild, the wattage of a LED module is 5A to 8A, which is equivalent to 25W to 40W. The power of an indoor LED module is 1.4A to 4A, which is equivalent to a module of 7W to 20W. Between, because LED display modules are divided into large boards and small boards, the difference will be doubled. One of the LEDs we accounted for calculates the wattage of the display module based on the peak power, that is, the high power.

The power of normal playback is only one-third of the peak power, but when the LED is distributed to the main cable and distribution box, it is necessary to calculate the power supply part of the display screen according to the large peak power, otherwise it will cause unqualified cables to heat up and quickly aging and frequent tripping. .

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