How much do users know about LED large screens?


With the rapid development in the past 10 years, the number of LED large screen users has continued to increase, and the scope of application has gradually expanded. In view of the rapidly growing application market, there are more and more LED large screen manufacturers, and new LED large screen companies are registered every year. The development of each enterprise requires technology accumulation and brand precipitation. For newly established LED large screen companies In other words, you must have certain advantages in order to gain a firm foothold in the market. Although the LED large screen market is getting wider and wider, the competition is also getting bigger and bigger. There are virtuous circles of technological competition, and there are also unhealthy LED large screen price wars.

In order to survive, the start-up LED large screen companies go to the market at a low price, and can quickly open up the market and grab a group of customers. However, in many cases, because the LED large screen technology is not mature enough, the cheap raw materials cannot stand The verification of the market has led to frequent problems with the large LED screens produced, and end users need to spend money and time on repairs, which is not worth the candle. LED large screen is not a short-term tool, unlike electronic products such as mobile phones, which can be replaced every year. The reason why there are all kinds of cheap domestic mobile phones on the market, although the technical quality is not as good as imported Apple, but the sales volume far exceeds that of Apple, is because mobile phones are short-term tools for consumers, and they will be replaced soon. Need to buy a very good one.

But the LED large screen is different. It needs to be used for a long time, 5 years, 8 years, 10 years or more. Therefore, the low price of LED large screens must not be an important indicator for consumers to choose LED large screens. Reasonable configuration, reasonable price, and life expectancy are the real peace of mind for customers.

Since LED lamp beads and IC driver chips are semiconductor devices, they have particularly strict requirements on environmental conditions. The working temperature should be around 25°C, and the working mechanism is the best. But in fact, an outdoor LED screen will be used in different temperature environments, which may be above 60°C in summer and below -30°C in winter. LED large screen manufacturers use 25°C as the test condition when producing products, and classify different products into different categories. The actual operating condition is 60°C or -40°C. At this time, the working efficiency and performance of LED lamp beads and IC driver chips Inconsistency, maybe the original one level will become multiple levels, the brightness will be inconsistent, and the display effect of the LED large screen will naturally change.

This is because under different temperature conditions, the brightness attenuation and drop of the red, green, and blue LED lamp beads are different. At 25°C, the white balance is normal, but at 60°C, the three colors The brightness of all LEDs has decreased, and their attenuation states are inconsistent, so the brightness of the entire LED large screen will decrease and the phenomenon of color cast will occur, and the quality of the entire screen will decrease. The operating temperature range of the IC is -40°C to 85°C. Due to the high outdoor temperature, the temperature inside the LED large screen rises. If the temperature inside the screen exceeds 85°C, the IC will work unstable due to the high temperature, or the current between channels or the difference between chips will be too high due to different temperature drifts. Large and cause blurred screen.

Any product has high and low points. The most important thing is what kind of positioning the user chooses the product. For example, the LED large screen has been used for 8 years, and there are few problems. It saves users worry and effort, and can also create good benefits and brand reputation. If the LED large screen often breaks down, it will indeed cost lives and money. .

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