How much is a square led electronic display


How much is a square meter of LED electronic display? Many individual users have always wanted to know. Now it is not expensive to make a facade LED electronic display, and it can release new product information and promotion plans to the outside world every day to promote brand promotion and user purchases. Desire is still worth it. The main factors related to the price of LED electronic display include LED display structure, LED screen body, control system, installation and wiring and other core factors. The price of the hardware part is similar, and the frame of fixed LED electronic display is different for each installation environment. There will be some differences in the structure. The installation factors are mainly reflected in the maintenance method and protection performance. For example, the indoor LED electronic display screen does not need to be waterproof, and a magnetic structure can be used. This method is the most conventional and the cost is relatively low. The outdoor LED electronic display must be waterproof, so it is necessary to consider whether the rainwater can be poured into the screen. If the height of the LED electronic display is less than 60CM, you can add the design idea of ​​hat brim on the screen body, and install the LED electronic screen under the eaves. It goes without saying that the magnetic structure can be used. If it is installed in an open sky and the height of the LED electronic display is greater than 80CM, then the box structure with a front flip or a rear door must be adopted to be completely waterproof.

At present, the price of indoor LED electronic display screens ranges from 1,800 yuan per square meter to tens of thousands of yuan. It is mainly calculated according to the density of the selected screen pixels. The higher the definition, the more expensive the price. The price of LED display screens also ranges from 1750 yuan/square meter to tens of thousands of yuan. The main difference between outdoor LED display screens and indoor LED display screens is that the brightness of the lamp beads used outdoors must be high, so the cost of lamp beads will be higher. Indoor LED display screens The brightness of the display screen does not need to be so high, because the clarity must be high for close viewing, so the number of lamp beads per square meter is also a lot. We have recently launched a vertical LED electronic display for stores and hotel entrances. It is very suitable for clothing stores, hotels, jewelry stores, restaurants, nightclubs and other places. The price is very affordable and the effect is good. It is divided into three types. specifications and sizes. Product name specification size (height × width) pixel (height × width) unit price indoor LED display P31920mm×576mm640×1927200 yuan/set P2. .

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