How to choose the LED electronic screen box


There are many types of LED electronic screen cabinets. Today we will introduce the differences between conventional simple boxes and waterproof boxes for LED electronic screens, and what structure LED screens should choose in different environments. The installation environment of conventional LED electronic screens is outdoor wall-mounted and column-mounted methods, and indoor LED screens are inlaid and wall-mounted. The difference between the LED electronic screen waterproof box and the simple box, which one is more suitable? I believe that many laymen are having a hard time making a choice, not knowing which one is better and how to distinguish it better.

LED electronic screens are divided into simple cabinets and waterproof cabinets. The only difference between simple cabinets and waterproof cabinets is that the simple cabinets do not have rear doors and fans. Making simple cabinets reduces weight and reduces costs. Now many outdoor LED electronic screens are made of simple cabinets, because the cost of sealing the cabinets is high, and the final waterproof effect is the same as that of simple cabinets, so most people choose simple cabinets. Whether it is a simple box or a waterproof box, it must go through the edging process. The stainless steel edging around the LED electronic screen can also achieve the waterproof effect.

The summary is: the structure of the simple box is simple (the simple box can also achieve waterproof effect); the waterproof box needs to be fully enclosed, and the inside of the box will not enter the water under normal outdoor rain conditions. Moreover, the LED box has begun to develop in the direction of thinner and easier to disassemble, but from a professional point of view, it is not fully enclosed and light and thin to be able to play a waterproof effect, just like your computer case, the box structure is only dustproof and waterproof. Foreign matter and other effects, if a large area of ​​water enters, it will definitely cause internal damage, and the space is too small, which is not conducive to heat dissipation. Due to the influence of wet and rainy weather, outdoor LED electronic screens usually use waterproof boxes. For indoor environments, the requirements for waterproofing are not high, and simple boxes are usually used. For LED electronic screens, waterproof boxes and simple boxes difference.


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