How to choose the model of outdoor advertising LED display


Outdoor LED display is a kind of advertising display equipment with audio and video functions, especially outdoor LED display is gradually replacing canvas advertisement and light box advertisement, and has good advertising effect. Next, the editor will tell you how to choose an outdoor advertising LED display model? First of all, our outdoor LED decision elements: 1. Pixel point: "P"-represents the distance between pixels, and the number represents the distance of several millimeters. The smaller the pixel, the denser the dots, the clearer the video effect, which is suitable for small areas. Users who require close distances choose, on the contrary, the greater the distance.

The thinner the point, the more suitable for a large area. Customers who watch from a long distance buy it! , because they are all indoor sticker technology, both models are red, green and blue trinity. The dot pitch is the basis for LED to distinguish the display model and also determines the LED display effect. The dot pitch technology of the P5 model was the leader in the field of high-definition display many years ago, with a resolution of 40,000 pixels per square.

Suggestions for purchase: 1. Suggested display model for indoor LED: The hotel banquet hall or stage is about 20 square meters, suitable for displaying P4 and P5 models, and if the display area of ​​the meeting room is about 12 square meters, P2 and P2.5 models. Outdoor LED recommended display model: If the outdoor advertisement is less than 50 square meters, you can choose P5 and P6 models, about 50-100 square meters can choose display P8 model, and more than 100 square meters can choose P10. Select the specific model according to the viewing distance. Select the appropriate model based on comprehensive factors such as clarity. 2. Brightness: indoor surface mount technology belongs to scanning drive, and the brightness requirement is generally above 1600CD/㎡. For semi-outdoor or indoor positions near the window, it is necessary to choose a model with a brightness greater than 25000 CD/㎡.

3. Sight distance and effect: previous stage. Background large screen is used for venues and various events P5 or thicker display model. Generally, you can clearly see the pictures on the left and right sides at around 10M, but when you walk two steps closer, embarrassing grainy spots will appear on the screen. Nowadays, all kinds of performing arts are developing rapidly, indoor performing arts are developing rapidly, and indoor performing arts are developing rapidly. LED generally chooses P3 and P4 models for display screens, and P2.5 for high-definition.

Through the above brief description, do you already know how to choose outdoor? How about the LED display? If you have any problems with your purchase, you can contact us directly. .

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