How to connect the wedding LED large screen to the computer


Wedding LED large screens have become standard equipment in hotel banquet halls. Many people think that LED large screens are a very high-end product, and they are composed of many devices. It should be very complicated to connect. Today we will talk about wedding LED large screens. How to connect to the computer. The wedding LED large screen must broadcast the real-time data of all equipment in real time, such as video from the computer, picture signal, real-time signal captured by the camera, and the LED large screen of the hotel banquet hall usually also needs to broadcast TV signals, such as popular sports events, major international events, etc. Meetings, news information, etc., some LED large screens also broadcast video surveillance signals in real time, all of which are synchronous transmission of video data, so all output and input devices of the LED large screen must have the function of synchronous playback. The video equipment included in the wedding LED large screen includes: LED screen, DVI graphics card, synchronous sending card and receiving card, video processor, computer, camera, etc. And the camera is just a different signal source. If the large LED screen at the wedding site needs to play the wedding photos of the couple, VCR and the wonderful moments before the wedding, it needs to be completed through a computer player. The live video during the wedding needs to be broadcast in real time by the camera.

The principle of wedding LED large screen signal control is as follows. First, the computer or video camera sends a signal to the video processor, and selects the corresponding signal button on the video processor panel, such as HDMI or DVI. The video processor decodes the received signal and processes it. Transmission to the sending card, the sending card distributes the signal to each receiving card unit according to the actual pixels and scanning methods of the LED large screen, and the receiving card finally transmits the signal to the wedding LED large screen. .

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