How to maintain the led transparent screen will not cause problems


LED transparent screens are more and more widely used in commercial applications due to their display effects. LED transparent screens have become commonplace in our daily life. Today we will talk about how to maintain LED transparent screens without problems. Move the stool to take notes! 1. Keep the voltage and current stable, and sudden changes in voltage and current have a great impact on the led transparent screen. Although it can be used normally, it will affect the service life. Therefore, we should try our best to maintain the stability of voltage and current, and try not to use high-power electrical appliances.

If we want to use it, we can first suspend it to use the led transparent screen. 2. Do not use in strong thunderstorm weather. In strong thunderstorms, the air is humid, and there are charged charges in the air, which will affect the alignment of the led transparent screen to a certain extent. If it is an outdoor led transparent screen, you should also pay attention to lightning protection. Of course, the responsible manufacturer will do a good job of grounding during construction. .

3. The use environment should be dry. Although the transparent display lamp beads have a certain waterproof ability, in principle, they should be kept away from water, dust and metal substances, otherwise it will affect the normal use of the led transparent screen, and there may be hidden dangers! Keep the use environment dry, dry and clean. 4. Keep it clean and try not to have too much dust. Although the led transparent screen has low power and less heat, if there is too much dust, it will still affect heat dissipation. If the screen is overheated, the interior of the led transparent screen will be unfavorable and affect the service life. Moreover, the led transparent screen Screens are usually used in commercial places. If customers find that there is more dust, it will also affect the brand image! In addition, I want to remind you, yes, yes, yes, be sure to cut off the power when cleaning the led transparent screen! 5. Do not use it for a long time without interruption. In principle, the led transparent screen can be used for a long time, but if the use environment is not good, if it is wet, if the temperature is too high, if the dust is too large, it will affect the service life, so it is recommended to use led The transparent screen should rest for at least 1-2 hours every day, especially in the case of poor use environment, the rest time should be extended appropriately.

6. Do not disassemble at will, the internal structure of the led transparent screen is complicated and there are many lines. If the connection is wrong, the screen may burn out. In case of failure, the manufacturer should be contacted in time.

Unilateral disassembly or splicing is not recommended! Also, if something goes wrong, it's going to be a hassle if the manufacturer doesn't guarantee it. 7. Properly adjust the brightness, the transparent display full-color display can display the whole series of colors. The brightness varies between day and night.

We can make some appropriate adjustments, which can not only save power, but also prolong the service life of the lamp beads! 8. What needs to be reminded is that no matter what problem occurs, do not deal with it without authorization, and must ask the manufacturer's technology to deal with it! There are still many details to pay attention to in daily use of led transparent screen, which requires us to be careful when using it and try to make it use in a good environment. .

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