How to make LED electronic display frame


The frame of the LED electronic display screen should be determined according to the installation method. The LED electronic display screen installed indoors is relatively simple. Installation, hoisting, roof cable-stayed installation, etc. The frame material of the indoor LED electronic display screen with a small area is mainly composed of a special frame for aluminum profiles, a 40mm×20mm square tube, 4 corners and various self-tapping screws. After assembly, it can be locked on the wall with expansion screws. If The area of ​​the LED electronic display is more than 20 square meters, so it is recommended to weld the steel structure, the main material is 40mm×40mm, 40mm×20mm, and the frame structure is welded at equal intervals according to the size of the LED module. After welding, it can be hung directly on the wall. First, after the LED electronic display is installed, aluminum-plastic panels or stainless steel edging are required around it. The frame structure of the outdoor LED electronic display is also very important for the installation environment. For example, the strip LED display installed under the eaves of the gate is the same as the frame of the indoor LED display. If the area is large and the screen is high from the ground The LED electronic display screen must adopt the post-maintenance method, and the steel structure must be made into a steel structure with maintenance channels. In the future, the maintenance personnel can walk back and forth behind the screen body. One side of the box can be covered with a valley structure. If the LED electronic display is installed on the side of the highway, the steel structure should first be made into an F-shaped column structure, and the waterproof box with a back door is directly stuck between the upper beams of the F structure. can.

If the LED electronic display is installed on the roof, a tripod support frame should be pulled behind the conventional steel structure to play the role of windproof and fixed. The frame structure of the LED electronic display screen should be tailored according to different environments. In the early stage of project design, you can contact the senior pre-sales consultant of Shenzhen United Huiye Technology. We will communicate with the project to provide you with the lowest cost LED electronic display screen that meets the requirements. Suggestions on the frame structure are given to you, and design drawings can be provided for free if necessary. Thank you for your support. .

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