How to make the full color screen clearer?


In many cases, although the pixels of the full-color LED display are relatively clear, it still cannot satisfy individual customers with high requirements. After all, everyone's requirements are different. With the development of social progress, people have higher and higher requirements for the display effect of LED display screens. After all, the shock effect brought by high-definition images is still very strong, and because the current high-definition display product market is more attractive than traditional video images in the past, it can better satisfy people's pursuit of high-quality video.

So is there any other way to make the full color screen clearer besides replacing the product? With many years of experience, the editor of United Huiye has come to the following conclusions: 1. Narrowing the dot pitch Narrowing the dot pitch can improve the clarity of the display screen, because the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the pixel density of the LED display screen, which can The more details displayed, the clearer the picture will naturally be displayed. 2. Improve the contrast The contrast is one of the important factors affecting the display effect. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast, the clearer the image and the brighter the color. High contrast is of great help to the clarity, detail performance and gray level of the image.

Among many text and video displays with large black-and-white contrast, full-color LED displays with high contrast have more advantages in black-and-white contrast clarity, and the effect of contrast relative to dynamic video will be more obvious. The improvement of the contrast of the full-color screen can reduce the surface reflectivity of the display screen, but the higher the brightness, the better. Too high will be counterproductive, which will not only affect the life of the LED display screen, but also cause light pollution. Full-color LED display The LED panel and LED light-emitting tube undergo special processing, which can reduce the reflectivity of the LED panel and improve the contrast of the full-color LED display.

3. Improve the gray level The gray level of the LED screen is from dark to black in the brightness of the single primary color, which can distinguish the brightness level very well. The higher the gray level of the full-color screen, the richer the color and the more gorgeous the color; On the contrary, the display color is single and the change is simple. A high gray level can greatly enhance the color depth and increase the geometric number of image colors. Many LED display manufacturers now attach great importance to this point, because it can make the display effect more delicate and realistic.

4. Combination with video processor The combination of LED screen and video processor can repair the signal with poor image quality, enhance the details of image display, and improve the quality of the display screen. Use the video processor image zoom processing to ensure the improvement of the video image, and maintain the image clarity and gray level to the greatest extent. In addition, the video processor has a wealth of image adjustment options and adjustment effects, which can be very good for image brightness and adjustment. Contrast ratio, the best guarantee for the soft and high-refresh picture output by the LED display. .

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